Male ‘pit mix’ found – December 9, 2012 2:47 pm

We found a young male pit mix dodging cars and scared at 4th Ave SW and Roxbury. He has a red collar, but no tags. We brought him to our yard because we were worried he might get hit by a cat, but can’t keep him long. We want to get him back to his owners! Pictures attached.


(editor’s note – photo to be added)

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  • KD December 9, 2012 (7:48 pm)

    That must be one BOLD Cat!! (funny typo, ‘car’)!

  • Lauren December 10, 2012 (4:55 pm)

    Yeah – totally meant ‘car’ not cat’ ;)
    We took him to a vet to see if he had a microchip and he didn’t. Also posted on Craig’s List and no luck yet. We ended up bringing him to the County this afternoon so they could care for him until getting him back home (or a new home if needed). Which was tough – Sweet dog, but definitely needs some training/socializing. So if he is yours, or you’re interested in adopting him (if his owners don’t claim him), please contact the Kent shelter.

  • KD December 11, 2012 (5:01 am)

    If running around Roxbury, he could be from the city side too, and you should also contact Seattle Animal Control @ 386-7387(PETS) and put the info in their system in case someone looks there, but .. PLEASE, take the info. OFF of Craigslists! That is too dangerous of a place to post ANY animal, especially a pitbull mix, and anyone can lie to you about ownership, and then a life of abuse, neglect or worse for the poor little thing. Just notify both shelters, let them do their interviewing, proof of ownership AND the ‘owners’ would have to step up and comply i.e.(why it was loose, license, spay/neuter,etc.) Craigslists could have any abisive liar respond to you and turn that pups life into hell. Please remove info. If they are true, dedicated owners, they will check both shelters!

  • mehud December 11, 2012 (5:42 pm)

    Agree with KD!

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