Have you seen Homerun the cat? – February 17, 2013 11:39 pm

My cat named Homerun is missing from our home in the 1500 block of 42nd. He is very curious and likes to look around garages. He is a fourteen year old black and gray tabby … he should be wearing a collar . He is a very loud cat. If anyone has seen him or if people have been out of town and could look in their garages to see if he might have gotten in i would be very grateful to have him back home with us. Rose (206) 938-1362 – thank you !!!

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    Elle February 18, 2013 (9:04 am)

    What a sweet boy, I hope you find Homerun soon. I lost my cat about two months ago, people were very helpful with advice. Here is a synopsis below.
    and..if you need help searching, let me know.

    In searching for your lost pet, always search into the wind. Find out which way the
    winds were going the day your pet disappeared and head that direction. All pets head
    INTO THE WIND. This way they can smell for food, other animals, danger, water, etc.

    Keep a journal of your search activities. Diagrams of maps, dates, times, of possible
    sightings. What you’ve spent for fuel, posters, a daily activity log noting what you did
    that day to search for your lost pet.

    Look in person at the local animal shelters. Don’t ever take the shelters word for it
    that they don’t have your pet. Most shelters are staffed by volunteers. Their records are
    open for your inspection. Check the Dead on arrival, sick and injured, adoption and
    destroy files, Temp. adoption, and quarantine files. Note: Remember to check
    shelters outside your immediate area as well. North, South, East, and West in case the
    person(s) who picked up your pet live outside your immediate area.

    Seattle Animal Control lost pet hotline – (206) 386-7387

    Missing Cat? Search up to 6 city blocks. (into the wind). Make sure you search
    your house and ask your neighbors to search their garages, yards, homes also. Most
    are found within 4 houses away. Check under decks, inside closets, RV’s, boats, sheds,
    crawl spaces, up trees with a flashlight at night. (look for the reflection of their eyes).
    Also check under the hood of all of your vehicles. Cats will crawl up there at night to stay
    warm. Some will crawl inside the car. Look under the seats as well as in the trunk of the
    vehicles. Most cats are killed by raccoons and possums then coyotes.

    Don’t give up your search for 10 weeks.

    Check your ads on Craigs-list under lost and found pets and pets. In the newspaper
    under lost and found pets and pets for sale.

    Pee in a spray bottle. mix your urine with water. It doesn’t matter the mixture ratio. Go
    out to areas where the pet was last seen and leave a urine trail home. 1 squirt (FROM
    THE SPRAY BOTTLE) every 6 feet the size of a quarter going to the closest home who
    will call you and tell you your pet is hanging out in their property. Or bring the scent trail
    back to your home.

    Put his litter box outside, also his beds or blankets, and something that smells like you – a dirty shirt, etc.
    Ensure he has a safe place to be, in case he returns when you are not home (unless he has a cat door). Put a box or bed outside for him.
    Be careful of leaving food out – you may get animals other than Homerun.

    I hope this info helps you find your pet.

    in peace….

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    rose February 18, 2013 (10:52 am)

    thank you Lisa for all the good idea’s !

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