Gray cat found in Seaview – November 10, 2012

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This adolescent cat has been living near our house near Findlay and 48th for a few weeks now. We thought maybe that it belonged to someone in the neighborhood, but it seems to be homeless, sleeping by our house most if not all nights.

It’s thin, but not starving. We’ve given it a little food from time to time. Seems to have lived with people (skittish, but not wild). If it belongs to someone that still wants it (we think it’s a boy, but haven’t gotten close enough to find out), let us know. Otherwise, we might be taking him in shortly before it gets too cold outside.


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  1. You are GOOD people to take her/him in before it gets too much colder!
    We have a cat that hangs around our home too for the last year or more and we too thought she was homeless but to find out a neighbor does own her so maybe go door to door to make sure and then tell them you want her/him because they must not really to leave her/him outdoors like that. :(

    Comment by ltmmgm — 10:46 am November 10, 2012 #

  2. Boy, he is gorgeous. If you can’t take him in for keeps, please bring him to the Seattle Animal Shelter so a coyote doesn’t eat him.

    Comment by mehud — 12:47 pm November 10, 2012 #

  3. WOW! Beautiful!

    Thank you for feeding him(?)! If you can see if he is chipped, if he is not and you are willing to take him in you might have found a new buddy. Obviously he trusts you and that is a big deal in a cat’s world. If you can’t keep him, then I second mehud. Either take him to the Seattle Animal Shelter or call Kitty Harbor they might be able to help.

    Comment by Talaki34 — 10:40 am November 11, 2012 #

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