FOUND DOG: On Alki – BACK HOME – May 14, 2017 11:10 am

(info removed, keeping the photo for possible future reference)

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  • Anna May 14, 2017 (12:42 pm)

    “Chewie” lives on 61st between Hinds and Spokane.  Three houses up from the stairs at 3448 61st. The owner lets her walk around the neighborhood.  She will go home on her own.  I’ve talked with her but she gets “found” a couple times a month.

  • Anna May 14, 2017 (12:51 pm)

    I texted the address to the number. Thanks.

  • unknown May 16, 2017 (9:00 am)

    Makes me think of the Bob Jovi song:


    On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives
    They’re made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes
    All your life, all your life all you’ve asked when’s your daddy gonna talk to you
    But you were living in another world tryin’ to get your message through.

    No one heard a single word you said.
    They should have seen it in your eyes
    What was going around your head.

    Ooh, she’s a little runaway.
    Daddy’s girl learned fast
    All those things he couldn’t say.
    Ooh, she’s a little runaway.

    A different line every night guaranteed to blow your mind
    I see you out on the streets, calling for a wild time
    So you sit home alone ’cause there’s nothing left that you can do
    There’s only pictures hung in the shadows left there to look at you

    You know she likes the lights at night on the neon Broadway signs
    She don’t really mind, it’s only love she hoped to find

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