UPDATE: Police searching in Junction area after reported street robbery

(Added: WSB photo, police west of robbery scene)

5:30 PM: If you’re seeing/hearing the sizable police response on the south side of The Junction right now, police are looking for a man after a reported street robbery. Per police radio, the man stole a woman’s purse in the alley between 45th and 46th at Edmunds, and dropped a gun as he ran away with it, southbound. With the caveat that description information can change from what’s first reported, so far we’ve heard the robber described as a black man in his 30s, black jacket or hoodie, black pants. The purse is described as large and brown. If you have any information about the robber, call 911.

5:54 PM UPDATE: Added/changed description: White/mixed-race man, thin build.

6:39 PM UPDATE: No arrest reported yet. The search has included a K-9 team.

PHOTOS: Fauntleroy Community Association grows, and celebrates, at annual Food Fest

Electing a board for the year ahead is part of what happens at the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s annual meeting. So the board gathered for our photo last night (the list is at our story’s end). The event had a triple-digit turnout, in part because of its other identity – the annual Food Fest, with samples from local providers. Ahead, photos from the night: Read More

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Police sketch of home-invasion robber

One day after a woman was robbed in her home northwest of The Junction, police have made a sketch based on the description she gave:

He is described as a white man in his 30s, 5’10”, medium build, short sandy brown hair, clean-shaven, wearing a tan “windbreaker” jacket and jeans. If you have any idea who he is, call detectives at 206-684-5535.

West Seattle scene: SFD training in North Delridge

From the “in case you wondered too” file – that wasn’t a fire call on 26th SW at the west end of SW Alaska in North Delridge, just Seattle Fire Department crews training. In fire situations, “ventilation” through the roof is often required, and as with most things, practice really helps, and doomed houses are excellent training grounds. We went over for a look, but they were gone, so we weren’t able to get additional details, but the neighbor who texted the photo says they were told other crews will be by in the days ahead.

DELRIDGE RAPIDRIDE: City, county reps at West Seattle Transportation Coalition tomorrow

It’s prime feedback time for the plan to convert Metro Route 120 into the Delridge RapidRide H Line – and in case you haven’t already seen it in the calendar, tomorrow night is your next chance to hear and talk about it. City and county reps are due at the West Seattle Transportation Coalition‘s March meeting, 6:30 pm Thursday at Neighborhood House‘s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way SW). Lots of questions, concerns, and ideas – as last week’s Delridge Neighborhood District Council discussion showed; though the conversion isn’t scheduled until 2020, key decisions are being made soon. (Here’s more backstory, including the options under consideration.)

UPDATE: Rescue response off Harbor Island = search for suspect

(Screengrab from SDOT traffic camera, showing some SFD units)

11:02 AM: Land and water crews have been on a “water rescue response” from the south end of Harbor Island this past hour. According to Seattle Police, a “possible theft suspect fell or jumped” into the Duwamish River. They say the person is now in custody and being taken to Harborview Medical Center for evaluation. We don’t yet know what preceded this but we’ll add anything more we find out.

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

11:49 AM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli spoke with police at the scene. He reports that they told him: An owner at the nearby marina encountered a suspected burglar and called police. At first, the suspect was cooperative, police were told, but then the suspect asked the owner for a cigarette (presumably as a distraction) and then pepper-sprayed the owner. When the police arrived, the suspect jumped into the water and hid under one of the floating structures and refused to come out. SFD was called out and they had to cut a hole in one of the floating docks to gain access to the suspect, about 30 years old and taken to the hospital with possible hypothermia.

1:03 PM: The SPD Blotter update on this adds two details: the suspect allegedly was trying to break into a boathouse, and had a kayak, which police seized.

GRAND OPENING: West Seattle Helpline invites you to new Clothesline HQ

Last month we told you about West Seattle Helpline finding a new home for its Clothesline, “an all-ages free clothing store for low-income individuals and families.” This Saturday, you can check it out in person during the grand-opening celebration, noon-3 pm, 4401 42nd SW. Bring a clothing donation to help stock the new store, and enjoy free barbecue while you’re there, courtesy of QFC and the West Seattle Christian Church board. Last year the Clothesline helped more than 1,000 people of all ages by providing more than $130,000 worth of clothing.

P.S. Opening the new Clothesline HQ comes with a cost, and Helpline is still working to raise the money for it, hoping to cover the cost by the end of this month – you can help via this Crowdrise page.

West Seattle Wednesday: ‘The Ship Sails Again’ @ Admiral; Highland Park Action Committee; more…

Here’s what’s ahead for your Wednesday, starting with what’s literally the night’s marquee event:

ADMIRAL THEATER CELEBRATION: Tonight’s the night for “The Ship Sails Again,” the celebration of the city-landmark Admiral Theater‘s renovation into, and rebirth as, a first-run fourplex. From the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, here’s a video invitation from County Council Chair Joe McDermott:

It all starts around 5; the first big moment will be the ribboncutting – filmcutting, in this case – around 5:30 pm in the lobby, and then four movies from four eras – full details on the SWSHS website. (2343 California SW)

Also today/tonight:

FREE ENRICHMENT CLASSES: All welcome at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center for 10 am-11 am enrichment classes for babies through 5-year-olds, every Wednesday – details in our calendar listing. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

ENTREPRENEUR MEETUP: Running your own business? Starting one? Come network at West Seattle’s first and only coworking center, Office Junction (WSB sponsor), noon-1:15 pm. (6040 California SW)

DELRIDGE RAPIDRIDE CONVERSATION: SDOT’s week of outreach on the street to talk about the future conversion of Route 120 to the RapidRide H Line continues with a 5-6 pm visit to 21st/Dawson. (Backstory here, with link to the “online open house” where you can answer key questions.)

HIGHLAND PARK ACTION COMMITTEE: 7 pm at Highland Park Improvement Club, HP’s community council meets – full agenda details here. (12th SW/SW Holden)

POETRY AND STORYTELLING: Monthly event at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL PTA: 7 pm – agenda highlights here. (45th SW/SW Spokane)

NIGHTLIFE: Lots of it tonight! See our complete calendar for listings including live music, open mic, trivia, and karaoke.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response in Admiral District

(Update: WSB photo, substituted for originally published reader photo – thank you!)

7:28 AM: As first mentioned in our traffic report, Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to an apartment building at 2331 42nd SW. Units arriving are NOT finding a fire, so far.

7:30 AM: Via scanner, firefighters report this was a “dryer fire” and it’s out. They’re dismissing most of the responding units.

7:42 AM: “Small dryer fire” confirmed by our crew after arrival, just as more firefighters were leaving. This was in the apartment building over the Admiral District Bartell Drugs. No injuries reported.


(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:20 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from West Seattle so far. Remember that Seattle Public Schools get out two hours early today.

7:22 AM: Seattle Fire “full response” headed for the 2300 block of 42nd SW in The Admiral District. First unit arriving isn’t seeing anything – we’ll break this into a separate story if they do find a fire.

7:30 AM: As updated separately here, this turned out to be a dryer fire, according to firefighters, and it’s out, so most of the units will be leaving.

7:50 AM: One downtown note – the Seattle Center vicinity is busier than usual because of the annual Starbucks shareholders meeting @ McCaw Hall, with ~2,700 expected. Doors open shortly, meeting’s at 10. This is part of the SDOT citywide alert list for this week.

8:03 AM: Reminder that SDOT‘s week of RapidRide H Line outreach in Delridge continues with a scheduled visit to 21st/Dawson 5-6 pm today.

WEST SEATTLE 5K 2017 … in 2 months!

Continuing to count down to big springtime events … the ninth annual West Seattle 5K is now two months away, on Sunday, May 21st (9:20 am start). And if you think you’ll be walking/running in it … you really want to sign up right now, because the early-bird discount rate is available for just ten more days, through March 31st. You’ll be going “to the anchor and back” (Anchor/Luna Park, from and back to 61st/Alki) on behalf of educational programs at West Seattle High School. Youth and adult participants get a T-shirt – new logo this year (by Erik Bell) – and a reusable tote bag full of sponsor swag. Kids 6 and under run/walk for free. Sign up here, now.

YOU’RE INVITED: Community Pow-Wow at Highland Park Elementary Friday night

That’s our video from the “grand entrance” during last year’s Niksokowaaks Community Pow-Wow at Highland Park Elementary. Organizers of this year’s Pow-Wow are inviting you, your neighbors, and everyone in the community to join them this year: “There will be incredible dancing, beautiful arts and crafts from vendors all over the United States, delicious food, and drumming.” It’s happening 6-10 pm Friday inside HPE, 1012 SW Trenton. Its main goal, organizers add, is to “help support the Native youth” in the community, especially in deepening their connection with Native culture, and to bring everyone together “to share in this celebration.” Here’s the flyer with more info.

GRATITUDE: Troop 282’s Scouting for Food report

Last weekend, several local Scout troops gathered food donations in a variety of ways as part of Scouting for Food. One of them sent a photo and a report, with words of thanks for the donations they were able to gather:

West Seattle Boy Scout Troop #282 participated in Scouting for Food. We are grateful for our neighborhood’s generosity. We collected 713 pounds of food for the West Seattle Food Bank. Looking forward to next year!

Speaking of the Food Bank, next Saturday (March 25th) is when you’re invited to its open house, 3-6 pm (35th/Morgan), to see its new “shopping” model.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Package-theft suspect charged, released

6:49 PM: Quick followup: The package-theft suspect arrested last night after reader videos/photos led to tips and a police search is out of jail. 35-year-old Kelly W. Klein was charged with misdemeanor theft and pleaded not guilty at a hearing this morning; he was set free on personal recognizance. We haven’t seen court documents related to the charge yet and will likely have to get them from the city attorney – which handles misdemeanor cases – tomorrow. State records show no felony record for Klein.

9:26 PM: One side note to this emerged at tonight’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting (full meeting report tomorrow) – while officers were staked out/searching for Klein last night, they made another arrest in the area after spotting someone in a stolen car.

ORCA ALERT: Transient killer whales southbound, mid-Sound

Thanks to the texter who just let us know that transient orcas (the ones who are NOT the Southern Resident Killer Whales) have been seen off Bainbridge, southbound, this afternoon. According to Orca Network commenters, they’re closer to the Kitsap side, so if you go to look, bring good binoculars. Our texter says Whale Scout will have a volunteer looking from Alki Point around 4:30.

FOLLOWUP: Demolition underway for burned building at Delridge’s Lam-Bow Apartments

(WSB photo)

Six months after the three-alarm fire at the Lam-Bow Apartments complex (6955 Delridge Way SW), the building left “unsalvageable” (as the Seattle Housing Authority deemed it) is being demolished. We just went by for a look, after two reader tips (thank you!). SHA spokesperson Kerry Coughlin had told us in January that they were waiting for permits so they could tear it down, and now the work is under way. The September 27th fire displaced more than 40 residents; no one was hurt, and investigators never determined the cause, just that the fire started on the building’s exterior. Coughlin told us this afternoon: “Rebuilding will not start immediately and we don’t have any plans or details. We had to get the damaged structure down as soon as possible but need due diligence time to make sure we maximize the opportunity to replace.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Woman robbed while watching TV at home

Just got information about the reason for a police search northwest of The Junction this morning – which included containment units at spots including the one in our photo above. Scanner traffic at the time talked about burglary – but now police say it was as a home-invasion robbery. Just published via SPD Blotter:

Robbery detectives are searching for a man who broke into a West Seattle home this morning and robbed a woman as she was watching TV.

The victim was watching television at her home in the 4400 block of 47th Avenue Southwest around 8:45 AM when she realized there was an unfamiliar man standing in her room. The man told the woman he wouldn’t hurt her, and said he only wanted cash. The woman pointed the suspect towards her purse beside the bed.

The suspect removed the cash and walked out of the home.

Officers searched the area, even employing a K-9 unit, but were unable to locate the suspect. The woman described the suspect as white, 5’8″ with a medium build, and sandy blonde hair. Police believe (he) entered the woman’s home after kicking in the back door. Robbery detectives are investigating. …

HOUSE ON THE MOVE: Barging away from Beach Drive

(First two photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand)

12:01 PM: Nickel Bros is getting ready to rescue another West Seattle house. This one is a 1912-built Craftsman in the 7000 block of Beach Drive SW, between Lowman Beach and the north shore of Lincoln Park, on a site where a new house is set to be built.

The house-moving firm was originally scheduled to be barging the house away right about now, but the tides will be more conducive late tonight, so they’ve rescheduled for 11 pm.

(Photo by Lynn Hall)

The twist here: The house does not have a new owner, yet, but Nickel Bros decided to take a chance on it, and it will be taken to a storage yard. You can see inside the house via its listing on the Nickel Bros site.

P.S. Nickel Bros tells us they’re working with six moving-or-movable West Seattle houses right now. We’ve already told you about this one at California/Findlay. Listings on their site include three from the Alki area – here, here, and here.

ADDED 8:22 PM: If you have a late-night eye on the water – you might see the house go by, as the storage spot it’s going to is on the Duwamish River. We also wanted to say thanks to local journalist Jenny Cunningham (with whom we worked long ago in local TV news) for the original tip on this; she’ll be covering it for KCTS and we’ll let you know when the story is set for broadcast.

Vandals damage West Seattle Little League fields, facilities on eve of new season

Last weekend, a huge volunteer turnout worked at West Seattle Little League‘s home field, Bar-S Playfields on Alki Point, to get it ready for the start of the season next weekend.

They put in hundreds of volunteer hours, league spokesperson Kathy Powers says.

Then Monday, the league’s field maintenance director went to Bar-S – and discovered vandals had struck, in a big, heart-sickening way.

(Photos courtesy WSLL. We don’t show tags in their entirety, so the photo is cropped)

Buildings were broken into, and facilities were tagged.

Also, Powers says, “The infields, already in rough shape from all the rain, were trashed by a vehicle. Most frustrating was the damage done to the newly rebuilt pitchers’ mounds and batters’ boxes.”

They’re working to fix the damage – only part of which is shown in the photos – and you can help – in two ways.

For one, Powers says, “We hope the entire West Seattle community will join us in keeping watch and reporting behavior that tries to steal our kids’ opportunity to play baseball.” (Call 911 whenever, wherever you see a crime or possible crime in progress and it’s happening now, or has just happened.)

For two, you can join in one or both work parties planned to clean up and fix up at Bar-S:

*Thursday night (March 23), 5:30-7:30 pm

*Friday night (March 24), 5:30-7:30 pm

The fields and facilities are off SW Admiral Way a short distance west of 63rd SW [map].

P.S. Yes, the vandalism has been reported to police.

Morning to night, what’s up for your West Seattle Tuesday

(Northern Flicker woodpecker, photographed in Fauntleroy Park by Mark Wangerin)

Busy day and night ahead!

WHITE CENTER SHELTER JOB FAIR: The new family shelter in the old King County Public Health building in White Center opens today. Mary’s Place, which is operating it, is first having a job fair, 10 am-11:30 am – more info here. (8th SW/SW 108th)

CANNABIS EDUCATION FOR SENIORS: 1-2 pm at the Senior Center. (4217 SW Oregon)

DIY BIKES: You bring the bike, and a willingness to learn how to fix and maintain it! 5-7:30 pm at the West Seattle Tool Library. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

YOUR VOICE, YOUR CHOICE – HELP REVIEW PROJECTS! 5:30-7:30 pm at Highland Park Improvement Club, it’s the third of four meetings – previous attendance NOT required – to take a look at park/street projects proposed by your West Seattle/South Park neighbors, and see which ones could be put up for a community vote in June. Backstory here. (12th SW/SW Holden)

FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP MEETING AND FOOD FEST: 6 pm at The Hall at Fauntleroy, it’s the annual membership meeting for the Fauntleroy Community Association, dubbed “Food Fest” because local eateries provide bites for attendees. Free but FCA hopes you will renew/launch your $25/year membership while there. (9131 California SW)

JUNCTION NEIGHBORHOOD ORGANIZATION: 6:30 pm meeting at the Senior Center/Sisson Building, with topics from upzoning to parking, and more, as previewed here. (4217 SW Oregon)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct – this is your monthly chance to bring neighborhood crime/safety concerns/questions directly to local police, face to face, and to hear their updates on local crime trends. (2300 SW Webster)

GLOBAL READING CHALLENGE: Good luck to the Literature Lions of Genesee Hill Elementary School, the only West Seattle team in the finals of the Seattle Public Library Global Reading Challenge, as previewed here – 7 pm in the auditorium at the Central Library downtown – spectators welcome! (1000 4th Ave.)

PEACEFUL PARENT, HAPPY KIDS: Parenting lecture at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) Brockey Center, 7 pm, with Dr. Laura Markham – details and ticket info in our calendar listing. (6000 16th SW)

UNPLUGGED – A MUSICAL GATHERING: Open-microphone event for acoustic musicians at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7 pm. (5612 California SW)

THE PISTOL SISTERS: Live music at Parliament Tavern, 8-11 pm. No cover. 21+ (4210 SW Admiral Way)

MORE AS ALWAYS … just check out our complete-calendar page!

SITE NOTE: Comment editing returns

Since our technical overhaul last year, some have lamented the loss of the comment-editing function. As noted in responses to those laments, the software “plug-in” we were able to use in the old format is no longer supported by its developers, so we weren’t able to bring it along. But we’ve finally been able to install something similar. If you write a comment, after you send it, you should see a line appear in the window with the invitation “click to edit” and a 4-minute countdown during which you can do that. If you click that line, it should show your comment above while opening a window in which you can make changes and then save, delete, or cancel. It’s an optional function – if there’s nothing you want to fix/change, you can ignore it. Please let us know if you have any trouble (editor@westseattleblog.com – please include what device/browser you’re using). Thanks for your patience.


(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

7:24 AM: Good morning! An earlier crash on the West Seattle Bridge has cleared to the shoulder, per SDOT, but the backup remains, so it’s slow going.

Also, you may see SFD vehicles headed eastbound on the bridge, being dispatched to a fire call at the VA Hospital complex on Beacon Hill.

DELRIDGE RAPIDRIDE: Again this morning, through 9 am, SDOT reps are scheduled to be at bus stops along Delridge Way to talk with people about the planning process under way for converting Route 120 to RapidRide H Line.

WEDNESDAY NOTE: Tomorrow, Seattle Public Schools get out 2 hours early.

8:12 AM: The aforementioned Beacon Hill fire call is closed.

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