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    So, I know of Rocksport, but it turns out they’re a sports bar in name only in that they don’t actually have anything more to offer sports TV wise than what you or I could get from our extended cable packages.

    That is, they don’t have the capability to show out-of-town games not televised nationally, which is antithetical to the whole premise of a sports bar in my mind (granted, it’s the mind of an foreigner/non-native type).

    Anyone know of a place? I’d hoped to watch some EST hockey after work today and got the Heisman from Rocksport.



    Where did you here that and when? They had all the March Madness games on and show every NFL game you could possibly want to see. I dont know of any places around here that have the NHL package.



    I heard that at Rocksport today.



    I didn’t go in there for all of the MM games because I went to the Spitfire downtown. As far as I know, Rocksport gets all the NFL games because they buy the package to get the Sunday turnout (like most ‘sports’ bars). Other than that, I found their screens to be blurry (esp the big projection one) and their food isn’t very good. If you want to see an NHL game, you might want to try Spitfire or maybe Buckley’s in Belltown. Buckley’s isn’t really a sports bar, but they may carry the game you’re looking for.

    I wish someone would open a decent, clean, sports bar with enough flat screen tvs and a good round of beers on tap. Is that too much to ask?



    I always thought the trade off for dingy atmosphere and bad food was that you have nowhere else to go if you want to watch your game. I mean, most bars and restaurants in town have televisions usually tuned to the Mariners game or whatever else is on. I ended up going to Duke’s later that night and watched some MLS soccer.

    I too wish for that sports bar. Heck, they can even have good food. I wouldn’t hate that!

    If I had the cabbage, I’d do it. I used to run one and had some fun doing it. Would there be enough sports fans in Seattle to make money though? Probably depends on the neighborhood? Otherwise, you’re needing to pull in more than just the people who want to catch a game and drink some beers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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