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    Please don’t attack me on this!! We have a Chaweenie. We are not the right home for him. There is an issue with another male dog in the house. He would do better as an only dog. I don’t know where to take him? Definitly not going to post on craigslist. We would love to keep him but it’s just not fair to either dog or the humans! So, I am trying to the right thing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    tom kelley

    I would suggest keeping an open mind about Craig’s List. We were the opposite side of the equation from your situation, looking for a dog. I found Ava about eighteen months ago on CL posted by a family in Duval that had to rehome her due to owner’s health. We have a lot of neighborhood kids that frequent our yard so family dog was at the top of the list of qualifications. The folks in Duval conducted a lengthy phone interview and requested photos of our yard and agreed to a visit. We took Ava on a thirty day trial that she passed with flying colors. Since we’ve had her she has gained the confidence of parents in the area and is well loved; no easy task for a ninety two pound Rottwieler. The only thing that I still wonder about is the previous owners’ less tan due diligence in placing her. If I were they, placing a family member, I would have visited our house, asked for references, done a follow up visit and in general been more involved in the process. Our experience couldn’t have been better, the key being due diligence by all parties involved.



    try your vet..

    they often have re-homing boards in the office


    The Velvet Bulldog

    You could try the Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation. They find foster homes for animals and have an adoption page. We’re fostering a dog for them currently.




    Can you say a bit about your dog. How old? Behaviors? How would he be with a small female dog? Anything else you can tell us? Pictures?



    Yes, bsmomma, “this” might be the perfect place to showcase your chaweenie in need of a family. Think personal ad….



    If he is from a shelter, check to see if they want him back–most do.

    Tom Kelley’s experience with Craig’s List is not the norm.



    I got my cat on cl and it is the best cat I ever had. I’ve bought and sold birds there as well. One just needs to be wise about it.


    Ms. Sparkles

    I second (or technically 3rd) Tom Kelly & Birdrescuer; my two dogs are both “re-homed” from CL, one’s former owner came to the house and met us and we did a ‘trial’ weekend, the other I met at Greenlake.

    Whether or not you ask for a re-homing fee, just meet the people, ask for & check references.



    Thanks for all the info! So, a bit about Rusty Brown……… he’s rusty brown in color :) Born on Mothers Day 2012 and we have had him since July. He is healthy and up to date on all his shots at the WS Animal Hospital. However not neutered yet. He’s super cute, friendly and playful but a little skiddish like most little dogs. We got him from a family member who’s Chiuahua had 2 babies. Dad bailed but vet believes he was a weiner dog. Totally looks like a good mix of both. I think he would definitly do better in a home without another dog and with someone who is home most of the time. We have a black lab as well. Rusty likes to “play” alot and I think Leroy is getting annoyed/frustrated with the constant play/attacks. They are both begining to play to rough. Rusty has also made it known that this is HIS house. I think (seperation) anxiety is an issue as well. So with all that said the reason we’re looking to re-home is we are not home enough to give Rusty the time he needs and we have a 6yro who I have to watch out for. He has started to play rough with her as well. :( I would LOVE to keep him in WS and run in to him around town!



    Pet sales are prohibited on Craig’s List, although lots of people try to sneak around it by calling it a “re-homing” fee. It is a terrible practice to support, as it perpetuates unscrupulous backyard breeding and irresponsible pet ownership – including callous and casual pet disposal. It’s against the rules for good reason. These are living, feeling, caring beings – not pieces of used furniture.



    Please do not think I am trying to dispose of Rusty. I would love to keep him! If anyone has ideas on how to make it work, I am all ears!! I just don’t want him to have to sleep in his crate every night for the rest of his life! And I don’t want our daughter to get biten either.



    Getting him fixed will DO A LOT GOOD for the dog and you. God please at least do that, before you get rid of him. So the next person won’t breed him.

    Now my dogs are crated trained. They are in the crates when I am not home and one LIKES to sleep in his crate all night, so there really is nothing wrong with that.

    There are really some simple training methods that can help the dog and you. It really doesn’t take much. Again getting him fixed will calm him down a lot.

    Last resort Seattle Animal control. Since he is a small dog, he would be adopted in one hour. DO it sooner than later, so the aggression issues you are mentioning don’t become worse.




    Echoing HH – getting him neutered may go a long way in helping with the aggression and dominance issues with both the other dog and your daughter.



    bsmomma, my comments were directed toward Craig’s List abuses, and not you personally. I triple-echo what Pam & Lena said. Most of the traits you’re describing can be attributed to the fact that Rusty is a non-neutered male dog. My dog has to be crated whenever I’m away; it’s not cruel, and as Pam said, many dogs like it. It’s like having their own den. It sounds like you would truly prefer to keep Rusty, and these are not insurmountable problems. Best of luck to you.



    Is it just that I don’t remember but when did the cost to Neuter go up to $300?? 2 places I called in WS were $290 & $300! I’ll do it if that’s the going rate but I could’ve sworn it was around $150 when we had our lab done 3 years ago?!



    Seattle Animal Shelter is doing it free the last week of this month:




    Awesome!!!! Mr. Leroy Brown is scheduled!! Thank You so much!!



    Whoops! Wrong dog! Hope that doesn’t happen next week!! Rusty……Rusty Brown. These 3am wake ups courtesy of him are catching up to me! Oi.




    Getting your dog neutered/crate trained properly (never used as a punishment) will go a long way and so will training. There are many reputable teachers that will be able to assist you in making a well-blended home for humans and animals. Best part is training builds lifelong trust. A well trained dog is confident, happy and socially accomplished. *Bad habits may have to be broken, but older dogs can learn just as well as young ones.

    I would suggest that you get online and do some research of all the breeds that combine to make Rusty. Getting to know the breeds can often (not always) give you some insight as to why a dog is acting the way it is. I would also talk to someone knowledgeable about animal hierarchy.

    Exercise, exercise and more exercise. If he is part Dachshund, then he is probably true to the Hound Group, fearless and full of playful energy. Use your knowledge of his breeding to develop a play routine that will engage not only his body, but his mind as well. *Try running Rusty around until he is starting to lag just a smidge, then under heavy supervision take both dogs out for a short walk. **If Rusty has a longer back, be careful about (really limit) jumping off of things.

    It is never too early or late to teach young children or adults how to interact with the four-legged members of the family. Playtime should always be supervised and if things start to escalate terminated. *Remember to never ever let a child use its hands (this is just as true for adults) as a toy. Animals cannot discern the difference between play hand and “I need this one attached to my body.”





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