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    One of the local donors organized a meal calendar for Nickelsville on TakeThemAMeal.com to make it easier for individuals and groups to schedule meal delivery for Nickelsville

    To sign up for taking a meal to Nickelsville log onto TakeThemAMeal.com

    then enter “nickelsville” in the section for family name’

    enter the current calender year “2012” in the section for ‘passcode’.

    A schedule should then appear where you can type in the meal donor’s name and contact info…

    if it’s a group bringing the meal, please list a specific contact person & their tel.#–just in case some major change in events occurs at Nickelsville)

    list the meal menu, if possible, so the next group doesn’t give the camp residents the same food.

    If you have any problems or questions you can contact Mary Anne DeVry, 206-790-3631.





    Betty T

    In case someone is planning on taking food to Nicklesville this Saturday at noon Please let me know. I hear on the news that people are taking food for them but are not on the calendar. Its too much for me to prepare my regular Sat lunch

    then get there and someone has already fed them. I don’t want to leave food because too much is being thrown out and Im concerned about someone eating bad stuff. Please call me 206 937 3247



    in a nutshell

    betty’s post is why someone created the calendar



    I have sent two messages to Kiro Radio as I heard on the evening drive time show that someone was going to cook turkey’s and bring them to Nickelsville tomorrow. I forwarded them a link to the meal calendar encouraging their listeners to sign up on the calendar and that tomorrow’s meal has already been handled. I also sent them a link to the Facebook page asking their listeners to link to the page to see what is needed and when. I encourage others to do the same.


    Betty T

    Thank you so much. I hope it helps.

    I tried to add info to one of my Saturdays on the calendar and it disappeared of the calendar? I emailed for help but don’t know when I’ll get answer with it being a holiday. It was for this Saturday. I plan on being there with Bean Soup

    The Vietnamese Cultural Center is doing Thanksgiving dinner and givng free flu shots then. They did this last year and were greatly appreciated there.



    Right now Nickeslville is getting more food delivered than they can consume…

    if you want to help out.. check the meal calendar and pick a date …

    in the cold weather it a hot meal at night becomes more important.. especially towards the end of the month when food stamps and funds run low.

    if you can’t manage an entire meal.. pick a date and ask for potluck partners….

    i know that works because that is how some of us have managed to deliver meals to Nickelsville in the past.

    it seems to me that this forum would be a good place to find willing partners.


    Betty T

    Many people are not aware that we have some donors doing regular meals on set days and times. The call went out for help and had great response. I’m told they’re getting too much perishable food. Until they go there and see what the circumstances are they don’t know we’re all working to get meals more organized.

    I’m doing Bean Soup Saturday, figure better than more turkey. What isn’t used I’ll bring back home and feed it to my neighbor residents or freeze.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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