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    Anybody know where I can buy a small piece of felt for a craft project? Way back when I used to buy pieces that were maybe 8×10 or 9×12 in the local Woolworths in NY, but I haven’t looked for it in years, so not sure where to even begin. Thanks!



    Michaels in Southcenter may have it. Call first. It’s a zoo down there before Xmas.



    I would check Joanne’s.



    I love working with felt! My go to place for felt is Stitches on Capitol Hill http://www.stitchesseattle.com/-

    They have a really great selection of colors and thickness (they have the really nice 100% wool and the thinner blended felts). They have tons of precut squares or larger bolts. Joann’s has a much larger selection then Michaels – I tend to go to the South Center store and can usually find some nice color selections – mostly the thinner types. If you do not mind shopping on line, Feltorama has an amazing selection of felts – a lot of them are made by small wool companies, some located here in Washington.


    Have fun with your project!



    Do any of the yarn stores around here carry felt?



    Check with Pacific Fabrics. The SODO location has an amazing array of stuff.



    I bought felt a couple of weeks ago at the West Seattle Fabric Company in Admiral.

    I didn’t look around for the selection, just grabbed a prepackaged bag of leftover bits. But some of the pieces were as big as you are looking for. I would give them a call to see if they have felt in stock.



    Did you try Target? I don’t know why but I think they might have some.



    Thanks, everyone! I was wanting to stay away from anything near Southcenter 3 days before Christmas, so was glad to find what I needed at West Seattle Fabrics. I need to make a mini fez for a stuffed doll (yeah … I know … LOL!), so a 9×12 piece of red felt will work just fine. That and some black embroidery floss for a tassel.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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