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    Sixty million dollars.

    That’s how much casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson bet on Republican candidates this election.


    Sixty million.


    That’s a 6 with 7 zeros after it.

    Or 6 times 10 to the 6th power.

    Or $60,000,000.00


    Guess how many of Mr. Adelson’s bets paid off?


    That’s just a plain old zero with nothin in front of it.

    Like this: 0

    Or some people write it like this: Ø




    Now lissen up. You’d have to be a damn fool to gamble that kind of money on politicians, even if you are in the casino business. If it were my $60 million, I wouldn’t go gamblin’ it like that no how. Nuh-uh.

    I’d INVEST it.

    What would I invest it in?

    Well just sit still now, cuz I’m gonna TELL ya.




    First, I’d buy up all the 7-11s where I ever got bad service. Then I’d fire the managers.



    i’d build a new and improved Nickeslville

    and let them run it with citizen review board mentors




    How about endowing a new Leisure Studies department at some local college?

    (UW maybe. I’ve heard they’re a class act.)

    In fitting with its purpose, the DBP Leisure Studies Building wouldn’t be anything fancy. Just someplace big enough for a bar and a couple pool tables. A pinball machine. An old sofa.

    I’d go hang out there sometimes, just to make sure they weren’t teaching anything I didn’t approve of.




    Oh yeah! Nickelsville! How could I forget?

    Piped in drinking water for those guys. Electric and sewer. Roof over their heads.

    With some high-profile slot for JoB, d’natch. From which she would be fired every Friday, but then rehired on Monday.

    Or I would force her to take on the kootchman as her personal assistant.

    (Sorry, dear. Terms of employment.)




    Pay people to stop arguing with me on the Blog.

    Pay people to start agreeing with me.


    I’m thinking maybe $1,000 to stop arguing and an additional $500 to start agreeing, whattaya say?


    Of course, there will always be those who just can’t be bought and I respect that.

    No, really.

    To them I would propose an honorable compromise:

    Every once in a while, you post something to the effect that I “might be right” or you “could be wrong.”

    Then I accidentally drop an envelope with a crisp new $100 bill in it on your front porch, where the wind picks it up and carries it right under your door.



    I’d buy a Gulfstream G650. And then hope like heck I’d have enough money left over to fill the fuel tank.


    I’d give DBP and JoB a ride anywhere in the world. I’d invite Kootch, too.



    Oh, and don’t try to sike me out, either.

    I know who agrees with me and who doesn’t.



    skeeter, you’re my pal, and nothing’s too good for my pals.

    I’d put your face on Mt. Rushmore. Or somewhere nearby.

    Somewhere in South Dakota for sure.



    Once my G650 ran out of fuel and I couldn’t afford to fill the tank, I’d apply for a scholarship to enroll in DBP’s Leisure Studies program. I always wanted to go back to college and study something other than accounting.



    What I’d do with $60 million. (Continued)


    Meanders Wish List


    – New HVAC system, whatever that is. (Say, isn’t Apple coming out with the iVAC? Maybe you should just wait for that.)


    – Heated shelter for people waiting on the sidewalk to get in to the restaurant.


    – Erect billboards at regular intervals along the highways leading into Seattle:

       Just 100 miles away from Meanders Kitchen!

       Home-made Ketchup. Just 50 miles to go!

       Can you smell the waffles? You’re almost there!

       Meanders! – Next Three Exits . . .






    White Center Revitalization

    – Zippy’s and Full Tilt will be relocated to my back yard. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    – The rest of White Center will be relocated to downtown Bellevue.



    5 million to my alma mater.

    500K each to my 20 closest friends & family. Where to draw the line – could be trouble!

    Pay off my home.

    Condo in Maui.

    Home in Tuscany

    Orcas Island beach house.

    Buy Charlestown Cafe and turn it into Rocksport.

    Invest the rest in the Caymans to conservatively draw 5%/year from the remaining balance!



    Rebuild arbor heights elementary and/or set up state of the art computer labs for all WS schools. Also provide funding so that all schools can get rid of Discovering math in favor of a better curriculum.



    Oh you WS people. Where’s your imaginations?

    Smitty, really? You’d actually invest some of it?




    Pitbull Exchange Program

    Bring in your unfixed, poorly socialized (read: vicious) animal and we give you a brand new one that’s been snipped and trained to purr like a kitten.



    I’d buy a huge island somewhere and turn it into the Island of Misfit (lost, abandoned, abused) Animals.

    Trees could come, too.






    Buy a mink ranch and release all the mink into the woods.



    Buy a lingerie modeling agency and release all the models.*




    *into my house.



    What would you do with a million a day?

    Would you spend it wisely or throw it away?

    Would you feed the poor, or hob knob with the rich?

    Would you be a saint or a SOB?

    — A Million A Day, The Limeliters, 1987




    Buy a vegetable stand and set all the vegetables free.


    Weed Exchange Program. Bring in a one-ounce bag of “weed” and get a one-pound bag of organic turnip greens from PCC.

    And to those would say this is not a fair trade I would just reply: Have you checked out PCC’s prices lately?



    not only that dp on #11 I would buy and give them a copy of this song …What if God smoked cannabis by Bob Rivers… along with a bag of munchies…..lmao


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