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    Hello, my daughter is engaged and very excited about starting to plan her wedding. She would like to do some of it DIY. Wondering if anyone has any planning books or left over invites, gifts, decorations give aways that they can part with to give her ideas.

    Also if anyone has any ideas where to look for wedding gowns and thoughts on getting nice invitations (not too formal)

    thanks! Wren



    Invitations try Costco printing, dresses I would go to David’s Bridal and find out what size and style she is looking for and then maybe hit the internet. Or find a good seamstress and design her dress (this is what my sister did in 1983). Those are my suggestions. Have fun keep a budget and cry your eyes out when she walks down the aisle.



    A friend made my dress for me, I just had to buy the fabric. Turned out to be the least expensive part of the whole affair, aside from the picnic shelter rental fee.

    Offbeat Bride is supposed to be a good book for DIY weddings.



    Also suggest accessing Pinterest for ideas…



    wren: A friend of mine got married this last summer and got a box of invitations at Goodwill for about $5. I’ve also seen boxes on clearance at Staples (Westwood) within the last week or so. She asked my mom to do her flowers, gathered a hodge-podge of vases/containers from friends and just shopped 2 days before for flowers at the Burien Farmers Market. My mom did it for her for a wedding gift, no charge. (She’s not a professional, but loves to do flower arranging). She’s also in a choir/singing group and they all sang at the ceremony. Her husband put a playlist together on his computer for music at the ceremony and I couldn’t even tell there wasn’t a DJ.

    My husband and I owned our own businesses when we were married, don’t know if it’s an option for your daughter but we did a few trades for our event — I bought the flowers and the florist traded me for her services, same with the printer for our invitations and thank you notes, we also had a dear friend who put up some of our relatives (on his timeshare credits) as our wedding gift. We used an outdoor, public space and only had to pay for a permit from Parks and Rec & rented some chairs.

    If she has some close friends or aunts that ask her directly what she might need/want (for a bridal shower or the wedding gift) she can also ask if they might want to buy say…. her wedding shoes or her veil or whatever, you can get very creative. Have a friend be the photographer or videographer (it’s amazing how genuine and authentic a non-professional video can be) — the best photos of my wedding were the candid shots by friends and family and we actually never did order any photos from our photographer, just kept the proofs/albums.

    Above all, have fun with it and enjoy the day, it’ll be the fastest day of her life.



    My sister-in-laws Mother did all the flowers for her wedding, 30 years ago this year, and she had women donate high heel shoes and she wrapped them shoes in foil and then put floral foam in the shoe and created table decorations with flowers.



    You should also sign up for freecycle and look at craigslist as often as possible and haunt the craft stores for ideas and look at the second hand stores.


    Ms. Sparkles

    Planning and sequence of events check lists are all over the internet.

    For a dress, I actually wore I white prom dress – much less expensive than a “wedding” gown, and easier to dance in too.

    I did my own invitations – you can buy packages at Office Depot to run through your own printer


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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