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    A lady in West Seattle is looking for someone to help her out twice a month with grocery shopping. She needs a person who is willing to drive her to the store, take items off the shelves, and finding items in the store.

    If you have a few hours a month to give it would make such a difference in her life!



    I might be able to help her out. Where does she live and where does she like to shop. Is she mobile? Is there anything else involved. I will note that I will be away for most of January.

    You can reach me at 847-830-3978l




    Hi, I may be able to help as well. I have the same questions that Wren has. You can contact me at: gcmonroe106@gmail.com



    Hi! If this hasn’t been filled, I would be able to help out. I have a fairly flexible schedule throughout the week (work from home), as well as weekends. My number is 404-909-6951




    It would make me really happy to help out. I’m a mom and next to cooking, grocery shopping is my favorite thing to do. I know both Safeways, QFC, Trader Joe’s, Thriftway and PCC like the back of my hand. And I follow all the sales if she is on a limited budget. Email is the best way to reach me – LisaSecord@gmail.com

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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