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    came home to a wet basement. Desperately need someone who can dry the carpet quickly. Called Alpine per previous thread. Apparently servpro has really bad ratings. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!



    I called ServiceMaster once for some cleanup. They did a great job, billed me about what I expected, and then six months later tried to bill me again for an additional 1.5x the amount I’d long since paid. Be careful with calling out to have work done.

    On the other hand, just how much water are we talking about? You can dry a lot with big fans, which is more or less how the pros do it. Consider going to Home Depot and buying a couple of fans just for this. $100 in fans might buy you a lot of drying out.



    or rent actual construction stuff from hertz equipment in georgetown – 4th and dawson. really big fans and heaters.

    but the question i’d be asking is why is the basement wet? and is it easily repairable?

    i’d find and fix the leak before thinking about drying stuff out.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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