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    Hi there!

    My family is in great need of finding a wonderful home for our young pit mix, Lucky. She is a loving dog and we are saddened to have to lose her. However, we have a baby on the way and can no longer give her the love and attention she deserves. We just want her to have the best life possible; right now, we cannot provide that for her. We need to find her a home in the next couple of weeks, please help!

    Lucky is very energetic and needs a family who can commit to daily jogs and a long fetch times to tire her out. She is just over a year old and is still working on breaking some of her puppy habits. However, she is VERY smart and with proper training and diligence on her owners part, will pick up on training very quickly!

    More about Lucky:

    Age: 1 1/2 years old

    Breed: pit mix. We rescued her so we are not positive what she is, but due to her size and ears, we think she may be part Boston terrier as well.

    Size: medium, about 40 pounds.

    Coat: short hair, mostly black with white chest and paws

    Dogs: Ok with VERY slow introduction. However, I would suggest her being the only dog in the house. (unless the other dog is submissive) Not good with other dominant dogs. 

    Cats: Ok with slow introduction, she will chase if they run.

    Kids: Ok with kids 7 years old and up. She is high energy and tends to jump, so she may knock young children over. However, she is very friendly and just wants to play. ( sometimes she doesn’t know her own strength)

    Crate trained: not yet. We have not required her to be in a crate, but I think she would be just fine after a few days in a crate.

    Lucky has SO much love to give, she has a very young soul and loves to play. Please help us find her a home!

    Pictures upon request (:

    I can be reached at 206.930.5367


    Callie Jones



    I assume this dog is fixed?

    Sounds like you have tough sell.

    Sad for her.



    If she was a “rescue” you should check with the group you got her from. Most have strict rules that require returning the animal back to the original adoption organization.

    Agree with Pam; very sad for this dog. Hopefully her next home will truly be a forever one.



    I hope you can find lucky a new home. It is definitely tough having a baby and a young dog like that. I am sure this is not an easy decision for you. Have you listed her on Petfinder? She sounds like a good dog for a 20 something with no kids and energy to work with her. I agree that checking with the rescue you got her from is a good place to start even if you feel guilty about returning her.

    Good luck to you and to Lucky in finding her a new home.




    Amazing what basic obedience training can do for a dog… all the difference between a dog that gets to stay where they are, and one that has to be “re-homed”. I feel sad for Lucky, but hope whomever adopts her will be willing to be the kind of pet owner she deserves. And sorry folks, but spay/neuter, vaccines AND full obedience training is the first thing one has to do for their dog. Love/affection is secondary. Important yes, but secondary. And I’d bet 90+% of the dogs re-homed, rescued, and dumped off at shelters (or worse, the side of the road), would all have been the best pets in the world if their people had just focused on their primary duty as pet owners first. Obedience cures all ills. An obedient, well exercised dog is a good dog. No judgement against this family, I’m sure they’re doing the best they can with what they know… I just wish more folks would think about all that having a dog (or cat, or horse, etc.) entails. And that includes thinking about how it will fit into your life, no matter what changes come along (baby, new house, etc.). :(


    Hi all,

    Thank you for your responses. I would ask that opinions and judgement be kept to yourselfs and Only positive and helpful leads or otherwise be posted.

    Yes, she is spayed. And she has been through basic obedience training. With a new baby, I am not willing to have any puppy in the house. This is not anything against Lucky. Life happens and people do the best they can. I will contact the shelter we got her from. However, we wanted her to go to a HOME, not a shelter. Which is why I thought WSB users may be able to help.

    So.. If anyone has a home who would like to meet Lucky, please let me know. Otherwise, please keep in mind that opinions are not needed.

    Thank you



    Here are some sites worth looking at. Lots of great info that will help you out.





    Lots of best wishes.

    Oh! Don’t forget to keep bumping up this post several times a day. It might help to keep it near the top of the page. Update as necessary. 



    If you end up surrendering her to a shelter, please try the Humane Society first as they are no-kill. Since she is a pit bull, she may not make it at the Seattle Animal Shelter.



    OP while you only what positive suggestions sadly there probably are not many. What you mentioned about your own dog is pretty much every pit/mix in a local shelter.

    There is NO such thing a no kill. Sadly as most dogs that end up at shelters for months on end become depressed, cage aggressive, which makes them unadoptable.

    I am pretty sure most of the rescues listed above are FULL and trying to find a home with out another dog especially if they do any kind of dog rescue, well that is tough to do. FYI petfinder is for rescues, so unless the OP works threw a rescue but she will have to keep the dog until it gets adopted.



    Seattle Animal Shelter is actually very, very pit friendly. They understand pit behavior and have foster families that know how to work with them.

    Off Topic: Seattle Humane Society, located in Bellevue, is a good shelter; they are not no kill. but they do have a high save rate. The ‘no kill’ term has many different meanings to shetlers, rescues and individuals. It’s mis-leading. For instance, feral cats that are taken to a shelter are usullay killed….and there are those that will still call themselves ‘no kill’.

    I prefer the term ‘high save rate’. It’s more honest and accurate.



    OP … While it appears your mind is solid on this, if you do have any doubts, do note: When I discovered I was pregnant (eons ago), I actually hastened to get a puppy, which I’d been contemplating a good year prior. In addition to wanting a companion myself, I also think a pet “sibling” for a young one is a good childhood experience. I moved quickly so I could ensure most of the training before the baby arrived. My breed was a natural watchdog and typically reaches 150 pounds (komondor). Everything worked out beautifully. The catch was I NEVER left the dog and the child in a room alone together. This was not as difficult as it may sound. What I hadn’t counted on was how extra-bonded we both became with our dog–Ed–because being a mom those first five years can be pretty stir-crazy and it also made us all go outside for at least an hour every day, in addition to long hikes and exploring places you’d never dreamed you’d go to all around Puget Sound. My son as early as 2 was learning to be responsible for his dog, as well.

    Anyhow, just a thought. Good luck with everything, and congrats on the kid!



    i shudder to think how my ad would read if i had to rehome my pups…



    Regardles of the breed of dog you never leave a child and dog alone, even for a minute. Hope you are able to find a workable solution for you and your growing family.



    Jo: mine would read “owner deceased”.




    that too



    Agreed, luckymom. I only referred to breed to indicate the most extreme in size and whatever “genetic” tendencies doesn’t matter … it’s the training. Sorry if I misled that a smaller dog might be safer to leave a child alone with. I was bitten by a schnauzer(sp??) when I was kid; unfairly, to this day I pass by a schnauzer and give it a lil mean side glance *lol*.



    wow, i hope that poor baby DOG gets a good home.

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