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    Michael Waldo

    RANT against the off leash dogs who park facing the wrong way in front of my house then get out and poop.
    I think that covers it.



    They wouldn’t do it if you offered a gluten-free front yard.



    I’m going to sip merlot and set off fireworks.



    Gina, where in West Seattle can you find Merlot? I thought this was a classy neighborhood.






    NIMBY you won’t, Gina!



    And I will do all the above while staring at my phone, not once looking up to see who or what I might be walking into!



    Not enough parking for my vegan children!



    Is this an open rant area???? If so here’s my rant. I tried commenting on the 2 finger bar opening to the person who asked “is it going to be a dog friendly place” and of course it wasn’t allowed by the WSB Editor…but here is what I tried to comment:
    OMG!!! Why can’t dog owners leave their dogs at home, why must they bring them everywhere they go?
    Are your dogs that bad that they can’t be left at home alone…are they chewing up your shoes, tearing up the sofa when you do leave them alone??? If so it sounds like a bad owner and not the dogs fault.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned a lot of dogs in my 62 yrs of life and loved them all like family and not one of them did I have to bring with me everywhere I went…they behaved at home when left alone.
    So I guess my rant is a double rant “dogs everywhere & WSB Editor.



    I can’t speak for WSB, but maybe they don’t want the comment thread on that article to devolve into another “They should/shouldn’t allow dogs there” back and forth.





    i apologize for not getting my snark on in the spirit of this conversation.. but…
    i am weary of reading rants about how WSB silences people…
    clearly.. if i am reading the rant they have not been silenced

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    clearly ! Betting that the post erroneously went to the SPAM filter by accident.



    my question, which might generate a rant..did the editor at WSB actually communicate with you about your post being disallowed, or did it just not show up? Did you ask the editor about it? I have been a member since the inception of the wonderful “blog” and there are times that one of my posts doesn’t show up, oft times erroneously getting caught in the SPAM filter by accident. The rules say…always follow up with the business owner/manager/etc. If you didn’t do that, no blaming/ranting about the editor :) (Obviously, you have now stated your rant, and it didn’t get censored)

    Have a great sunny Sunday.




    @jans…yes I have asked the editor a few times why mine and or spouses comments don’t get posted but not on that specific one. And I have noticed that more “comments” get posted in the forum area than in the “blog” itself.

    And may I ask because I see you write this often “have great sunny Sunday” or “have a great weekend”…is that your way of saying “buzz off” in a nicer way than using the F WORD?



    assuming what you read into a post is there is often a huge mistake.

    i can’t speak for Jan’s post… but i can tell you that when she wants to tell you to f.. off.. she comes right out and says it.

    it may seem difficult to remember now with all of the name calling that goes on here.. but there was a time when people on the forum had some pretty lively disagreements and still sat down to share a drink or ice cream or a fundraiser or ….

    i have to tell you.. i miss that.

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    Man, it has been a long time since I posted on here! Was very happy to leave it be and was fully enjoying this rant… Then the West Seattle Blog Illuminati showed, up and like everything nice, they ruined it… To not belabor the point, allow me to be succinct: JoB / JanS, “have a great sunny Sunday”.



    well, NXNW…you certainly put me in my place. I can’t speak for JoB. Sorry I ruined your week. So you just remember who’s in charge here !

    Myra…it meant “Have a good sunny Sunday”…nothing more, nothing less. I was simply offering an explanation as to why your post may not have shown up. Either that or the editor has time to figure out who you are, and won’t allow them out of spite O_o (Yes, that was snarky)

    JoB…what, me tell someone to F off? Shirley, you jest . Not on here I don’t, and that’s the truth. I save that for other social media. That’s not saying I haven’t thought it once or twice ;-)

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    Hmmmm I wonder……..hehehe

    or just someone ( don’t want to pick on no one might get labeled lol) not getting his or her way because of this ..

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    waynster, you always make me smile



    Well.. we seem to have found the hot button issue.. who would have thought it would be me?

    i seldom post here any more.. not because i want to avoid the name calling.. i am pretty good at deflecting that.. like a water on a duck… but because i find most of the current posts pretty danged boring.

    yup.. boring.

    so how i could possibly be the ..what was it someone called me? … West Seattle Blog Illuminati.. my very presence ruined their day?

    really dude.. or dudette..
    if the fact that i exist ruins your day you really need to get a life..

    may i suggest watching ducks?
    water literally rolls right off their backs… and they are local so you wouldn’t have to go far to find them.

    and yes… for those that might wonder.. i am being polite … but not as a polite f.. you.. just a polite reminder that the rules of this forum prohibit that kind of personal insult

    as an insult this doesn’t even reach the standard of reporting to the moderators … let alone a f.. you .. even one delivered ever so politely.

    Now Y’all have a nice day.
    and you might want to batten down the hatches. it’s supposed to get windy out there.

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