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    Happy Holidays!!! :)



    Poor lady probably just really needed her coffee!



    I assume so!


    tom kelley

    She needs a hug!


    ‘Tis the season :)



    Fess up – you must have done “something”……

    No signal?

    Cut her off?

    Took her parking spot?

    There is always more to the story!

    Merry Christmas!



    Maybe you were hitting on her general


    lol mpento.


    Sadly, it seems hand gestures have become so common place .. even in West Seattle. :(



    Dunno Smitty, were you at Starbucks this morning? LOL

    Well, I was coming out of the Starbucks on California and Morgan and was exiting on to Fauntleroy (the other exit is a one-way and then an alley that my car is a little too big to swing.) So, she was coming in as I was turning to go out (happens all the time… normally folks coming in wait in the turn lane if they can see that someone is trying to exit out on to Fauntleroy in order to allow room.)

    I couldn’t back up far enough to give her room to come in and she’d swung out wide enough that I couldn’t get past her and she was already blocking traffic and couldn’t get past me. Then she proceeded to flip me off and then head down the alley.

    Maybe I was in the wrong? Who knows. We both got to our destinations just fine, but not before her looking me right in the eye and flipping me off. Honestly I wasn’t even offended, she was SO angry about something so trivial that it made me laugh uproariously to myself all the way to work. I’m sure it wasn’t her intention but I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.



    Ha ha ha! Love it. Next time flash them the peace sign and/or smile and wave. I think someone on here posted that is what they do when someone flies the bird at them. I love your positive attitude about the whole thing. More people should follow your example.


    Cait – she was totally in the wrong and then she flips you off to boot. Amazing. It’s just common courtesy to let people out of the elevator before one enters just like you were saying with people waiting in the turn lane before entering the Starbucks lot when it is clear/safe.


    One day, that woman or the random finger happy man is going to flash that at the wrong person and then they will be sorry. People feel so safe in their cars but someone could easily back up or get out of their car or go around the block and park and then get out and give them a beatin’. Actually, pretty stupid to flip someone off who now knows the flippers destination. Sitting target.


    I agree with kayo, I love your positive attitide. You are a stronger person than I.



    If the law still is as it was 30+ years ago, and applies to all of Seattle, and not just downtown, she was in the wrong because alleys are One-Way, northbound.

    Hell, if I still lived down that alley, (and had a car), I wouldn’t have flipped you off, even if you came flying out of the lot and cut me off! Now if you could read lips….. ;-)

    I had to laugh one day. I was walking (or perhaps driving someone else’s car) down that alley, and a woman was slowly inching her car out of the lot.

    She had her gaze glued to her right, looking for, I suppose, cars and or pedestrians.

    She was totally oblivious to someone approaching from her left, and I couldn’t be mad at her, as she was otherwise being so careful! :-D




    I have to say that I worry that she will flip the wrong person off and be sorry. Years ago (more than 20) I was coming home from work and I was driving under the WS Bridge. I was under the bridge and some man did something to make me mad (or I did something to make him mad, I don’t remember) and I flipped him off. Well…he honked at me and I thought that was that.

    Well….I lived down on Alki at the time and drove home. He drove ahead and was in front of me but when I pulled into my parking spot in front of my apartment on Alki he did a U-Turn and stopped right in front of my car blocking me in. (I was about 20 at the time) He got out of his car and started yelling at me for giving him the finger. By this time I was ready to pee my pants. I had no choice but apologized right on the spot.

    Anyways, I have NEVER given anybody the finger since. LOL! I mutter under my breath or say things to myself (and hope they can’t read lips!) but never give the finger to anybody!



    She was pretty bold, that’s for sure. I DO have wild colored hair and tattoos so I guess it’s inspiring that she wasn’t intimidated by me on those grounds LOL.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    ‘Tis the season indeed. I got the finger from the guy who pulled out of Westwood Village right in front of me, causing me to slam on my brakes. As I hit the horn, out came the finger. More than anything I find it interesting that the people who are in the wrong feel so entitled to getting angry when you point out they’ve done something really stupid.

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