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    I think I experienced the fabled WS Hum last night here at High Point. Anyone else?



    Could be UVB-76.



    We get a hum by our place, its the streetlight.



    I did, and I am in Admiral by PCC. First time ever, then it just stopped suddenly early this am around 6.

    I also am hearing trains all night!



    the train noise carries up from Harbor Island. They have existed forever. My first home in West SEattle was on 54th SWS just off Charlestown…and we could hear the trains at night way back then….1977. I’m in the Admiral District and hear them. They don’t bother me, they don’t wake me, they just are part of the landscape. Then again, when I was a small child I lived in the coal regions of PA, and we had trains belching smoke a block and a half away in two directions, so I suppose I’m just used to it :). Have never heard the hum, except for the one in my head…or is that voices? hehe




    Not sure why all the sudden I am hearing the trains or the vibration, may have something to do with having insomnia lately and being awake too much when I should be asleep.

    The hum was like a deep vibration/buzzing sound – like a chainsaw or lawnmower – thought it was just me – until it shut off suddenly – weird!



    I love the sounds of the trains. I will be on the back deck sitting in the dark listening to the train horns. Sometimes they are a bit melancholy but still a nice sound.



    I heard the hum this morning from 5am until 7am with alternating frequencies. I live just SW of Jefferson Square. The sound seems to be coming from the direction of Providence Mount St. Vincent. It wakes us up even in the winter with windows closed. We seem to get headaches as well. It must really irritate our dog… I do not believe it is train or ferry sound. It sounds more mechanical/ electrical equipment in nature.



    it irritates my dogs too…

    and i hear it over in Westwood.



    does it have anything to do with the ferries? I live down by Lincoln Park and heard it quite noticeably this morning 4:30/5 a.m., actually said to my husband, “Damn that noise drives me crazy!”

    Have thought before it’s due to the passenger ferry and the noise carrying over the water? But if everyone else is hearing it all over, too then I have no idea.



    i seldom hear the ferry.. even on foggy nights



    We live near Camp Long and the hum is almost unbearable especially at night. At about 2:00a.m. this morning it was extremely loud. I believe it is somewhere in the Duwamish area or Boeing Field because in late summer I began walking that direction and the noise got louder. Can anyone near that area help out? If we can find the cause, we might be able to shut them down at least during the night.



    I have lived on Puget Ridge (just south of Pigeon Point) for 30 years and have always thought that the “hum” is wind tunnel testing at Boeing Field. Some mornings it’s scary loud and sounds like an airplane is landing in our yard!



    Thanks Arlene. Is the hum you hear go on for hours sometimes? Were you able to verify that Boeing does wind tunnel tests near the field?



    Hi. I wrote about this pretty extensively in a post a month or more ago. I did not hear the hum when you all are talking about it, but maybe I just was lucky enough to be in a very deep sleep. It has kept me awake in the past. I am planning to record it the next time I hear it, and if I have the time, drive over to the cement plant directly east of Camp Long/Highpoint and see if it is coming from there. I DID notice recently that smoke is coming out of the smokestack there again for the first time in several weeks. I wonder if it has something to do with the hum…If anyone is interested in investigating, I think that would be a good place to start.



    afaik, it’s not from Boeing Field aka King County Airport. While they do do some jet engine ramp ups that are quite loud the hum is different – the engines are most noticeably recognized as a “roar” (Chinese Tiger?) even from afar more of a “wash” white noise. I have lived in Georgetown and Admiral dist, and Alki, as well as Vashon Isl. The hum I don’t know what it is – may well be boeing, but prob not. To be honest I haven’t heard it lately, but if LesleyB captures a sound wave of it that would be super cool



    Just saw this thread. I’m by the Duwamish Greenbelt right above Boeing.

    I have never heard “the hum” once in seven years.

    Kind of would like to know what the heck it is that every one else is hearing, though I don’t want to hear it myself. :) I’ve always just assumed that either people have high blood-pressure issues (no offense intended), or the sound, if real, seems to be in many areas because soundwaves are being carried from one end of the peninsula to the other via the water. Just a totally lame theory on my part.

    Scientists? Where are you? What is this all about?




    I didn’t know what this was about until a few months ago when I heard the “hum” at our house (above Alki) in the early morning hours – sounds a little like a passenger ferry on steroids – but doesn’t move (like a ferry sound does). We hear a lot of ferry/train/industrial sounds during the night but if you hear the hum it is distinctive…



    I have lived here over five years and never noticed the hum. Until about a week or so ago. It actually woke me up. So weird. It’s definitely a very distinctive ‘industrial’ sort of sound I haven’t heard before (and I live near the steel plant & I am used to that kind of noise + the train noise from Marginal Way). Hum is the only way I can describe it. Loud hum.



    My partner and I have been hearing the him here on Vashon for a year or more. I just started mentioning it to friends and I’m finding people all over the island hear it. It’s been particularly intense the past couple days. Usually we hear it at night but it’s been humming all day and into the night. You WS folks experiencing this increase in duration ad intensity? It’s kinda driving me nuts.



    here’s more on Vashon’s hum



    I have been kept awake the last 3 nights from this crazy humming like far off industrial/rumbling trucks/drilling/who-knows-what and I’m all the way over in downtown Redmond. It sounds like the exact same thing you have been talking about on this forum about The Hum. I heard it over Thanksgiving for 3-4 nights too and didn’t sleep. We’ve driven around to try to find the source but haven’t figured out where it could be coming from. We hear it all day and all night for a string of days and then it disappears for a few days and then comes back. It can’t be ignored, and ear plugs and white noise machines can’t cover it up. I’m about to lose it!!



    OMG, West Seattle caught the hum from other places around the globe!!! It’s spreading!!!!




    I read that article this morning, and thought “Hmmmmmm”. I even opened a thread about it – lol…

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