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    What is up with it, I ask curiously? The place that’s been coming soon to the space that used to be Terra Cole Butcher in the Junction. It has been so long that I have actually forgotten how long its been a work in progress, but I want to say last summer or even longer? I saw there’s a liquor license app up on the window, but it seems weird to have such a seemingly prime bit of retail space TBD for this many months.

    Anyone know whats up with this?



    The sign first appeared during Summer Fest, which was mid-July, so we’re going on 8 months. That’s not necessarily unusual for a food/drink place (I believe the record was held by Spring Hill, the old name for Ma’Ono, where a liquor license application appeared more than a year before the venue finally opened). Our reporter talked to them a while back but had one key question without which we couldn’t publish a story – and they have never returned messages. There have been signs of life along the way, though – the painting on the wall to the north, for example. – TR



    Maybe the Hydrant needs a leg up.



    Arise thread. Its been another year and four months since I was originally baffled by what was happening with this place. I remember reading something about a death in the family of the people putting this together, but good lord… I am mainly just astonished that anyone could afford to sit/pay rent on a piece of prime commercial real estate in the Junction for almost THREE YEARS and not do anything with it. Part of me assumes its like some complex tax write off or something for someone. Any further updates?



    Ditto! Count me among the perpelexed/intrigued!



    There is also that fading notice about family issue or something. I agree that it’s wierd. I hope something happens to the storefront. All it does now is fuel rumors & not much else.



    Having peeked through the window at the back entrance it definitely seems that progress has been made. There are couches and furniture being set up and the like. IT definitely looks different that it did 6 months ago.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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