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    Thanks, WSB, for such a contribution to West Seattle’s quality of life! I appreciate your thorough and spirited coverage of news and events. It’s been a great way to meet the neighborhood.

    Today I was grateful for the info about which venues were open and closed. Judging by the crowd in the coffee shop, others were glad to have this info as well.



    You’re welcome. It’s the kind of information which is just impossible to aggregate via any kind of technological parsing – many businesses may eventually mention this on their Facebook pages if not webpages, but not in a reliable spot or at a reliable time, so we set about making calls etc. a couple weeks in advance. Which leads me to publicly thank someone also named Katie – Katie Meyer, who works with us on a variety of things, and this time around compiled all that data. In some cases, it even required an in-person trip to an establishment to ask, if the phone or the Web didn’t yield the info!

    Happy holiday week to all,




    If I may chime in: I haven’t detected a misspelling or misuse of a word in WSBs coverage; the forums (or should I say “Fora”?) are fair game for the spelling and grammatically challenged, but not the WSB stories despite their timeliness.

    It is refreshing that WSB is reliable when even local papers blow it (my fave in the PI’s last days: “Dead Body Found in Park”. I know it is not fair to kick a paper when it is dead) The Internet media is driven by speed and poorly written, spelled, headlined-challenged stories are the rule. WSB is a welcome exception.



    I’ll chime in with praise. My wife and I love the blog, read it daily,and consult it first whenever we want to know about something that’s happening/happened in the neighborhood. I think you’re creating a model for a whole new way of disseminating local news. More power to you and wishes for a great new year!



    WSB continues to be just about the best thing to ever happen to, and in West Seattle!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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