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    Apologies if this has been discussed before BUT selected words in postings here (and other places) and even in email keep turning into links for me and they’re links to ads. The latest was “poop.” It’s very annoying — I mouse over and don’t follow if they’re bogus, but I would love to know where this is coming from and send it back. Thanks!!!



    I’d like to know what kind of “poop”?

    I have not had the same experience. I’ve seen links to ads (perhaps a google thing?) but never links to actual poop. That would be disturbing.



    It was to pooper scoopers.



    Are you finding them within the actual comments here on the Forums, charla?

    If so, maybe it’s a browser thing?

    I’m on Chrome, and don’t have that issue as I described above, but on varied websites that are linked from here, or from FB, or whatever, occasionally have them.




    I’d guess it has to do with the Poopyhead posting. Advertising, through algorithm, can do interesting things.



    Scooper? Pooper? Maybe you should ask Hooper.



    It sounds like some kind of text enhanced spyware. There are people that know more about this than I, however I did find these links:



    Just to make sure no one gets the wrong impression:

    We have NOTHING on this site that tracks you because you clicked on something. We have the standard traffic-tracking software that is not connected to our advertising at all – it’s Google Analytics, Stat Counter, and Quantcast counters that we use to tell us how many visits, pageviews, etc. the site gets.

    Our ads are all static graphics and unlike advertising on most other websites, they do not have any sort of individual tracking that would lead to you being served a different type of advertising here or anywhere else (I hate it when for example I look at a website for a certain national business and then almost every website I visit afterward serves me ads for that business. I recently learned how to disable that and did so) …

    We also don’t use Google Ads in any way, shape or form, and no link advertising.

    All this is simply to say – it is NOT something you are getting from WSB – please follow the advice such as what Kimberley is offering, because it’s probably something your computer or browser “contracted” without you even knowing. On behalf of everyone online :) I apologize for such crud being out there. What the advertising world does, and what some sites let them do, makes me cringe. (Takeover ads, pop-up ads, etc. …) We don’t even allow simple animation in our ads.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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