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    To the Safeway worker who chased the large man pocketing a bunch of booze this early afternoon, you ROCK!!

    I should have notified the manager of your ballsy chase and intrepid response to the incident. But I didn’t.

    At the time, I had a bottle of wine under one arm and had just begun selecting flowers (red daisies and orange lilies to brighten the house on my return from a long trip away).

    An older man with a long coat and a cane had just entered the market.

    From a distance I heard you scream, “Stop! Security! Security!! Security!!! Stop! He’s getting away!”

    I paused and looked up to witness the racing thief, with one hand dipped in to the front of his grey hoodie, mumble, in the most sincerest way, “Oh, no. Not today.”, breeze past the old man with the cane and slip through the sliding glass doors.

    You, remarkable lady, continued after him, shouting for assistance. Once he was out of the store, the chase was over.

    Though you yelled for security, none came.

    (As an aside: in my mind the old man by the sliding glass door cartoonishly tripped the big, ugly thief to the ground with his cane, allowing you, Safeway lady, to single-handedly apprehend him until the police came. Of course that didn’t happen. But if it had, I bet you would.)

    I asked, “Don’t you have security at the store?” Although the answer was obvious.

    Safeway should be proud of employees that risk there own person to do what they can to protect the company’s stock.

    I would have stepped in, but my safety is so much more important than a few bottles of booze. Yours, Safeway lady, I would say, is too.



    Sorry if the post is too long. It was that kind of day.



    I don’t think people should be allowed to steal liquor, because it’s not healthy.

    On the other hand, at least the thief got a good cardio workout. And so did the store employee.



    I stumbled upon the scene of a convenience store robbery here in west Seattle a couple of years ago.

    Just as I was about to enter the store I saw a ‘customer’ at the counter pepper spray the clerk at point blank range, then he and his buddy with an armload of beer fled right in front of me. The whole thing happened so fast and caught me by such surprise I really didn’t have time to process and react.

    I knew the store clerk as I go into this store all the time. He was a retired SF cop. Tough fellow not to be messed with.

    With the pepper spray running down his face, the clerk sprinted outside, caught the arm of one of the thieves and managed to get hold of one of the stolen beers, which he broke over the head of the thief. Fricking heroic.

    But the kids were young and agile and fast, they got away. 911 was called. Seattle police arrived an hour later. :-/

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