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    So we had this election, and the voters said it’s okay to have yourself a smoke…

    Anybody know how this plays out in public? Is marijuana smoking subject to the same rules as tobacco?

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    You can find most answers here, at the SPD’s marijuana guide blog:



    It’ll have the same rules as alcohol regarding public consumption I think.



    ElizabethElaine: that link is hysterical! And informative! Very helpful. Very funny.



    Speaking of smoking, my girlfriend and I were walking through Westwood Village and someone who was standing on the curb with a cigarette was so kind to blow smoke in our faces. Wouldn’t you think you could wait until someone passes by? I always hold my breath when passing a smoker and release about 10 steps past, but my girlfriend is sick and didn’t do that and had a coughing attack for a few minutes. :-(

    Why can’t we all have common sense and courtesy?



    DannyQ, that’s exactly the scenario I was thinking about. People milling about at a bus stop, or in a crowd, blah blah…with a joint that the rest of us didn’t want.


    People already drink alcohol and smoke pot as well as tobacco at bus stops, walking down the street, etc. This is not a new development, and smoking weed at bus stops or in bars will continue to be a crime, just as public intoxication and smoking tobacco at the bar have been against the law for a number of years.



    As an ex-smoker, I miss (and hate) the smell of cigarettes. As a self-ascribed germaphobe, every time I inhale smoke from the public streets it reminds me just how often we breathe in someone else’s breath. That is gross and makes me want a cigarette.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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