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    Can anyone recommend a rheumatologist they’ve had good luck with?




    I’ve had a good experience with Dr Julie Carkin at the Seattle Arthritis Clinic. She’s personable as is the clinic staff.



    Not a personal experience, sorry. However, a year ago the ‘Checkbook’ magazine did a survey of doctors in the area. They asked them for two recommendations of doctors they’d send their own loved ones to for a specialty not their own. Dr. Carkin came out high on the list.

    If you didn’t want to go to north Seattle, there’s also a Dr. Philip Mease at 1101 Madison St who was well thought of.



    i can second the recommendation to Dr Phillip Mease



    I second the recommendation for the Seattle Arthritis Clinc!

    I’ve seen Dr. Gregory Gardner both at the UW and at Harborview for almost 20 years, and while he is a wonderful rheumatologist, getting an appointment with him was as painful as pulling teeth without novocaine. Half the time, I ended up seeing a rheumatology resident because Dr. Gardner was too busy to see me in person. I finally gave in and started my search for a new rhuematologist and I’m so happy I did!

    After countless hours of research and a handful of recommendations from friends, family and fellow WS Bloggers, I came across the Seattle Arthritis Clinic located in the Northgate area. Words cannot express how happy I am for making that initial trek up north and seeing Dr. Philip Moberg. He is truly an amazing doctor.

    During my first appointment, Dr. Moberg spent well over an hour talking to me about my medical history and my concerns for the future. I’m 36 years old and sort of a medical mystery… I have had Reactive/RA for 19 years now and have been on every drug known to man without a lot of success. I live in intense pain daily, and some days can’t even move. I’ve also had numerous surgeries on different joints, most recently my wrist, whereupon my hand surgeon said I had the bones of an 80+ year old and no savable soft tissue. So knowing this, being able to see a doctor that actually takes the time, one on one, to truly find out what’s going on with you, is a god scent.

    They have an amazing team of Rheumatologists and the clinic staff is wonderful. Appointments are a breeze to make and wait times between appointments are reasonable. They have a state of the art facility and all blood work, xrays, etc… are done there. Also, they are slowly but surely integrating with the UW, a huge bonus for me, due to medical records/history.

    I hope this helps and good luck in your search. I know how frustrating it is living with this extremely painful disease.


    Betty T

    I have arthritis in several areas but my feet are a problem besides being flat. When they get cold its not fun and hard to get them warm. I haven’t given in to pain meds yet, except extra strength Tylenol, won’t unless completely unbearable. RA is light so far but have osteo arthritis in lower back and at base of neck. My Dr just retired so must find a new one. I can deal with my arthritis but say I sympathise with those with extreme cases. It has to be very hard. My daughter is 54 and in far worse shape than I am. So I can’t help but feel blessed I’m not any worse off than I am at 75. Never knew before last year that there are many different types.



    Thanks for the replies! I appreciate them.

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