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    Thanks Trader Joes for answering my questions and helping me find items. All of the staff has been helpful, respectful, and knowledgable. My children are treated with respect and love picking out a new food to try. I have shopped at the West Seattle store much more than I thought I would.

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    I was wondering how long until someone was going to right one of these, my s.o. does all the shopping so I don’t have a reason to rave for them.

    Glad you got an ‘Atta boy’ TJ’s!



    Ditto. Tonight my toddler came home with practically a roll of stickers. Love this place.



    Love Trader Joes!



    Yes! Very kid-friendly place. It’s the only grocery store my kid actually asks to go to. It’s the hunt for that octopus he loves, and the treat the staff gives him for finding it. I love how kids in grocery carts roll by and ask excitedly, “Did you find the octopus yet??”



    This is pretty much where I do all my shopping now. I love the free samples and coffee in the back. Super friendly place to shop and the kids love it, too. Has reduced my overall grocery bill just because I don’t have to trek to different places to find what I need.



    trader joe’s is best thing to happen to west seattle in quite a while…



    yes yes yes yes yes; still in love with our finally-very-own-WS-Trader-Joe’s



    If they would only stop using so much package material. I don’t need a pepper in plastic!!!



    Trader Joe’s is the best place to shop with my 1-year-old and 2-year-old in tow. The octopus hunt keeps my toddler entertained, too. And the staff is very friendly. I’d like to say it’s reduced my grocery bill, but…I end up with so many fun items each time, that I dunno. :)



    and they donate a ton of stuff to the West Seattle Food Bank. What’s not to LOVE about TJ’s!



    Chiming in with the pricing. Everything has a label or a sign, and that’s the actual price at the cashier. No special card needed, no mystery “buy two get one free, but it’s rung up at the end of the order”, no tricks about a sale that just ended yesterday. Just looked through my receipt after buying a sackful of stuff, and everything was the amount I thought it was.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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