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    2 Much Whine

    Talk about taking care of their customers! My wife had her ring inspected and cleaned several months ago at Menashe and Sons in the junction. A couple days ago while running errands one of the diamonds fell out. Who knows how it happened or who’s fault it was or where it is now? The important thing is that this local jeweler, also known for their outstanding community involvement (and their amazing Christmas display) took great care of their customer and we’re walking away with total customer staisfaction. Enough satisfaction to post on the blog and recommend this outstanding establishment to other readers. Way to go Menashe and Sons Jewelers.



    Glad to hear it. They also have been a WSB sponsor for some time now and while we are glad to see support for *any* independent local West Seattle business, we also really appreciate support for those who choose to advertise here both to reach West Seattle’s largest news readership AND to keep this community-collaborative news operation going strong. AND I am glad to hear everything worked out OK with the problem! – Tracy



    My better-half receives a gift from Santa every year that comes in one of their boxes.

    Obviously the ‘Jolly ol elf’ believes in shopping locally too!!


    I agree! I was quoted $55 by a watch store downtown to replace the battery in my watch. Normally I’d do it myself, but couldn’t figure out how to get the darn thing open, it requires a special tool. Menashe’s did it for $10, just the cost of the battery! Thank you, Menashe and Sons!



    My husband needed his ring sized down – they just did it. Great family and awesome service.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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