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    Couldn’t get the old blade off of my circular saw, so took it into TV for help with replacement. I never would have asked, but figured it was a little less presumptuous given that I intended to buy a new blade. The gentleman who helped me is always extremely pleasant and helpful (longish grey hair & mustachio) but went the extra mile today! Not only did it take two guys to get the blade off, but I could not find a replacement. Even so, it was expert service with a smile – as usual. This store really has excellent staff, and I always make an effort to give them my business for this reason.

    Thanks, True Value – you’re the best!



    my go to place for the service and the selection..



    My cable TV pulled out of my roof mount some years ago and was slumping 8-10 feet above the Ave. I pulled it up but realized I needed a new cable-pull-tensioner thing. I went to True Value and despite my inarticulate description they pointed me to what I needed. My BIL drilled the new hole, sealed the old hole, and re-tensioned the thingee. I can’t imagine how many home despot trips this would have taken.



    True Value has been my go-to for thirty years. I take something in and ask, “What do I need for this?” And they lead me to the right size and material. Or, like JayDee, I go in and say, “I want to do, um, this, um, something like this…” They help me figure out what it’ll take.



    Exactly. They actually know how to do stuff, help you figure things out, and are just plain helpful and nice. It’s the only store I’ve ever been to where they will tell you to bring in a tool you’re having trouble with and they will fix/help you with it, regardless of the brand or where you bought it. Even the cashiers are pleasant, which can’t be said of any of the other hardware stores I can think of.

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    does anyone remember when they also sold the very best jewelry? Lots of great earrings, some necklaces…all in a display case…always found something I liked

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