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    When my regular med group of tenish years couldn’t get me in for a weeklong cold/flu/bronchitis that headed south, I walked in and out of Highline in less than an hour with the antibiotic I needed (cancer history, thus this treatment–to try and head off criticism of antibiotics ;-)).

    Can’t speak to the costs yet, as I’m fortunately insured, but I was also happy she thought my lungs sounded “pretty good” so left it up to me on an x-ray, which I declined. Felt it positive she didn’t insist on that, seeing as how being insured she could have easily swayed me that way.

    Anyhow, recommend!



    I had a similar really great experience there back in Nov. when I was hit with the “plague.” It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and I was desperate and went there despite the possibility of having to pay that facility fee. I was in and our within an hour, with the prescriptions I needed. (I have some chronic medical issues that need to be treated a little unconventionally – my regular dr. knows this and works with, but usually urgent care balks at what I tell them my regular dr. would do. Here, they listened to me and didn’t argue with me at all.)

    I realized at first that even though they acknowledged I had a $25 copay, they charged $35 to my credit card (which I didn’t realize until I got home). I honestly said nothing to them after the fact, as I was wondering if it would trigger that facility fee charge I’d heard so much about. I figured that if/when I got that bill, I would remind them that they overcharged me by $10, but otherwise would keep my mouth shut and lay low. :) Not only did I not get dinged for that facility fee, but a few weeks ago I got a $10 check from them telling me that they realized I’d overpaid. Nice!



    I am pretty sure they no longer charge that facilities fee. I ended up getting reimbursed for the two I got hit with last year and basically an apology note saying it was against the contract they had with my insurance to charge it. In subsequent visits I no longer had to sign the form in regards to the fee.



    Semele, it would be nice if they don’t charge that facility fee anymore. They did still have me sign paperwork agreeing to pay it if otherwise unpaid by insurance, so maybe they’re still covering their butts by having the paperwork filled out in case they change their minds later. Only time will tell. :)

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