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    Thank you Fresh Bistro. Had a great time tonight.

    The first of the Pig Roasts (Mexican Themed)


    Scrumptious succulent ancho rubbed pig + fresh guacamole + rice + beans + tortillas. Buffet style = $12 All you can eat (while supplies last. for me it was 3 trips and there still was pig left) Only downside were the small plates. I had to pile the food on, or maybe that was an upside because I probable would have eaten more if they were bigger.


    $3 Happy hour beers…I am so glad I went. Had the best time. Big rave to Fresh Bistro & staff for a great meal. Sounds like they’ll be doing this every(?) Tuesday. Will definitely be back next Tuesday for the Jamaican themed pig roast. YUM!




    Wow, that really does sound good. I am really hungry right now, but I do love REAL jerked chicken the way I had it on the streets in Jamaica, but I’ve never eaten anywhere that has matched the authenticity of the loooooooong cook and the particular blend of spices I recall. Ever.

    However, I don’t suspect Fresh Bistro does anything less than top notch. So I’m thinking real seriously about this….if the weather is nice, I will cave for sure.

    The only Jamaican beer I know about is Red Stripe. Maybe FB will offer it for happy hour. Boy, just the thought of that brings back amazing memories for me of adventuring through Jamaica with a backpack.!

    Crazy good adventures on beaches and fabulous street food and drink and ….well, never mind – it was fun.

    No worries, mahn :D



    The biggest problem WSD, aside from the evocative surroundings, is that they use pimento wood, from the allspice tree, for the grilling. The spice combinations are fairly easy to mimic, but for the full flavor, you have to have the wood.

    As with anything, if you are willing to pay the price, it’s available:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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