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    tom kelley

    Ya’ know how you always hear someone say, “Well they just openned, give ’em another try”? Not necessary at Copper Coin. I’ve been there four times and had great experiences. The hamburger is traditional served on a real hamburger bun with a crisp dill pickle and fries. The service was exceptional! On my second visit Becky, the bartender, adressed me by name. That rarely happens in Seattle. On my fourth visit Amanda,the bartender, adressed me by name. Amazing! Having tended bar at this address through three incarnations I can say with confidence that this one’s a winner.


    Ms. Sparkles

    I’ve only been once, but I to was impressed with the food & service. Definately plan on going back =-)



    Where is it. I am out of the loop on this I guess.



    smokey, the Copper Coin is at 2329 California.

    IIRC, it’s in one of those “wings” at the front of the Admiral Theater.




    used to be Porterhouse



    I’m glad a few of you had a good experience. I wasn’t at all impressed. They did a lovely job with the inside, however I found both the beer and food menu to be extremely lacking. The service I experienced recently was…well, lame. The waitress ignored us and took so long bringing asked for items that we were finished eating by the time she returned. The food felt meh and Porterhouse redeux.


    tom kelley

    And used to be Ragazzi, and used to be Cappiello Bistro and used to be Zaffarano, Black Bird and Porterhouse.


    tom kelley

    Kimberly, there are twenty beers on tap.”Extremeluy lacking”?



    We went a couple weeks ago and were disappointed. The service was terrible. It was very empty in the restaurant and the staff was staring out the window and were more concerned with speaking to each other than taking care of customers. Food was less than mediocre. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before in West Seattle. Really wanted to like this place.



    I’ve only been there for beers, but we found the beer list well curated, with great local choices over a broad range of styles and knowledgeable bar keep to help navigate the choices. Nicely renovated bar area is another plus. I’ll definitely be back.



    Finally made it to the Copper Coin last night and we were impressed. Went early and took advantage of the extremely reasonable happy hour menu. Loved both the fish tacos (huge piece of nicely battered fish) and the Vietnamese steak tacos (extremely tender beef). Kids had burgers and they were also a hit. Great beers on tap. They were slow (it was early) but service was attentive and professional. Nice casual atmosphere. We’re adding the Copper Coin to our list of regular places to go in WS. Hope they succeed!



    Vietnamese steak tacos? :-/ That’s what I call fusion food.



    transplantella, taco fusion is a thing a now. When I was last in Denver, a friend took me to this place: http://www.margstacobistro.com/menus

    It was good.


    Thanks everyone for the kind words. We’ve really worked very hard from the rough beginning to make the food and service there memorable. Some staff changes and whatnot and a few months later, and I would humbly say that I think we’ve succeeded. – phil @ the copper coin.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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