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    Burien Nissan Service & Parts Rocks!* Went in today to get my new plates…had them ready and installed in like a nano second…Oh..your car looks dirty sir…got time for us to wash it?

    Heck yes. No charge

    I go into wait…ask the Parts Desk about fabric cleaner for an ink stain…”Here you go sir”…spray this on and its like magic! Yes it was! No charge!

    Someone recently keyed my door (GRRRR) and the Service Manager noticed this…oh…let me see the paint color…got it…Ordered up a small vial for me…Cheap!

    Just very considerate!

    I know its not WS…but they are close enough for me.

    Will understand if this gets deleted…but would be sad not to have someone know they are solid Customer Service reps there!

    *Don’t work there Nor have I been offered special incentives to offer this info.



    I agree, I have been impressed with them myself. Quite the opposite of the fraudulent and nasty practices of Nissan of the Eastside.



    When I first moved to Seattle I had a Nissan, and that’s where I went for service. I was also very happy with them and their customer service and work. When it came time to downsize to a one-car household, I brought my car to them to sell (as I just didn’t want to deal with private sale) and they were wonderful to deal with and offered me a price that was absolutely fair. If we still had a Nissan, I’d definitely be going there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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