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    I’ve been riding this bus for about 3 months, it’s ridiculously crowded now. I unfortunately get on this bus @ 35th and Avalong, and lately it’s been just passing by due to it being full.

    The bus used to empty out on 3rd and Seneca and be left with a few Amazon stragglers going to SLU. Now the bus is still full when it reaches SLU… did a new company open a office past this stop?

    Hopefully they increase the frequency, one every 10 minutes during rush hour is not enough..



    The 10-minute thing is just an average too. I waited 18 minutes between two C buses this morning at your exact spot. And of course it was full. Then the next one came one minute later. Stupid.

    As for crowdedness. You should have seen it 3-4 years ago. Oh the glory days.



    Ridership picks up when the school year begins. IMO that’s the main reason. I agree with increasing the frequency of buses.



    FWIW, in ten days, on the Saturday, September 23rd Shake-Up, Metro is adding runs to Rapid Ride C, and other local routes:

    METRO CHANGES: What happens on routes in our area September 23rd


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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