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    First off – I love Peel N Press. Amazing pizza and great drinks. Very friendly staff.

    However that new outdoor seating area they have is the ugliest piece of construction I have seen in awhile. It looks as if a group of middle schoolers made it on a shoestring budget. They didn’t paint, they didn’t add trim, they used a very ugly tin roof rather than a wood roof. I walk by it everyday and it makes that entire building look awful.

    I hate saying this and debated posting this since I really do enjoy Peel N Press. I just hope they will made some simple modifications to their outdoor area such as a different room material or adding some paint so it fits in better with the building it is attached to.



    What was Peel n Press’s reply when you contacted them about their seating area?



    It’s definitely not something I would do to my property but to each his[her] own. That overall building is a strip mall or whatever you’d call that architecturally. It isn’t a shining example of urban architecture to begin with. That deck looks just fine after a couple of their old fashioned cocktails. Try them – indoors perhaps :)



    I am fairly certain the owner of Peel & Press did the construction himself. He seemed to be pretty pleased with his handiwork. Perhaps it is still a work in progress? I suppose it doesn’t really matter what it looks like if you enjoy being outside on a warm, sunny day. Inside the restaurant is dark, regardless of how much sun is shining.



    The craftsman work actually looks pretty good, my main concern is the ugly roof and how the addition doesn’t blend in with the rest of the building, both color wise and material wise.

    I guess I shouldn’t have said it looks like a bunch of middle schoolers did it because it looks nicer than that, but it does stick out like a sore thumb.

    Either way, a couple of their delicious cocktails and I forget all about it :)




    Not going to lie, kind of hurtful. Thanks for giving your opinion (which you are entitled to) in a very public forum. Yes, the wood has to be stained but we needed a long streak of dry weather to get the reclaimed wood we used to the right moisture content before we can do it. The roof is actually a “precipitation cover” which was what we could tie into the structure with out thousands of dollars worth of structural upgrades to the wall. It was a weight/lateral load issue. I wish you would have reached out with your concerns to me instead of saying hurtful things on the Blog. I still think it looks better than a old loading dock with a railing which it was before. Also, we have hosted a lot of parties back there so it can’t be all bad.


    Michael Waldo

    Hey Peel and press – people hate change around here – I think the patio is great – and folks, wait until a project is complete before complaining – Can’t wait for hot weather again to give it a try.



    Love wins. Concerns win. Nice thoughts and actions win.



    I love your outdoor seating, PnP! I think it looks great! For sure it looks better than what was there before. Don’t let a hater get you down. Inside AND out you guys are the best.



    I haven’t been to Peel ‘n’ Press, but this makes me want to patronize the place! I’ll be seeing you soon — and thanks for providing shelter from the rain and using reclaimed wood
    : )

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    Never been there… but why is it called Peel & Press. I thought it was a printing business.



    I’ve read quite a few stories on WSB about the owner of Peel ‘n’ Press. Every one of those stories was positive. He’s a good citizen, a good neighbor and an ethical businessman with a genuine interest in customer service. Let’s not be petty.



    This was asked when they opened the business. (http://westseattleblog.com/2014/08/west-seattle-restaurants-peel-press-to-open-in-morgan-junction/)

    “Oh, and about the name? We guessed it was a reference to peeling/pressing garlic. Wrong! According to Austin, the “peel” is for the baking/serving tool known as a pizza peel; the “press” refers to juicing that he expects to do for fresh-pressed juices in cocktails, “when seasonably available … not quite craft cocktails, but really clean and fresh.” ”

    I agree with you, however. It is not a name that makes me think of pizza.

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