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    I am a dog owner/walker myself and I live very close to Lincoln Park. I pick up after my dog, why can’t you?! On the North end of the park, off of 47th Ave SW, there is an entrance that has bags for your dogs waste and a garbage can not 20 feet away from there. Yet, on a daily basis, I’m finding dog poo on the sidewalk right in front of the area, and on the sidewalk right across the street- which is in front of someone’s house.

    The people who live here, we don’t want your dog’s gifts left behind in our yards. If you’re too lazy to pick up after your dog, you’re not fit to be a dog owner.



    Thanks for the post, Samma. Many of us wonder the same thing when we go out to our front yards and see it all the time. Must be nice to not have to actually be responsible for your pet…



    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wipe dog poo off of my kid’s shoes and/or bike tires lately that was blatantly left on a sidewalk. I am pretty fed up with the slackers who don’t pick up after their dogs. I have a dog and I always, ALWAYS pick up after him. It is so irritating when other dog owners are not responsible and leave a mess for the rest of us to contend with. Not cool.



    With all the public use cans, the free bags, etc… I really don’t know what their excuse could be?!



    I am dog owner who picks up after others’ dogs and share your disgust and frustration. Grrrrrrr.



    Your neighboors are requesting that you prevent your chickens from smelling and making a lot of noise.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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