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    Came home after a little Halloween fun last night to destroyed decorations in my yard. No permanent damage, no reason to make any official complaints, but just plain mean. I feel bullied and violated. They came into our closed front fence to do this. Probably either drunk on their way home or some dumb kids out on the prowl thinking they’re cool, but no excuses. I love my neighborhood and usually feel very safe, and that just put a whole big damper on my outlook on people in general. Just mean. Makes me feel a little better to rant about it. If you get a chance, try to spread some friendly vibes around WS for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use them.



    people who destroy things for fun need a new definition of fun



    We took the littles trick-or-treating and were gone from about 6-7. Came home to one of our carved pumpkins smashed. Grrrr. My littlest who is 2 1/2 didn’t seem concerned, but my 5 year-old was very upset. He asked me to move his carved pumpkin (which wasn’t smashed) to the back deck so nothing would happen to it. I felt so bad for him, his spirit a little crushed. I know, not a big deal in the scheme of things, but jeez. The night had barely begun and pumpkins were already smashed? At least let us have them lit for the night!


    On a positive note though, we had a lot of fun begging for candy. Everyone was so sweet with our boys, lots of smiles and pumpkins. The best house we went to had lots of orange and purple lights, lit pumpkins, a giant black spider web on the porch, and Harry Potter music playing. When the door opened, the owner had a had a magic wand she tapped the boys’ buckets with. It was so cool. We all agreed that it was our favorite house of the night.


    There. Now I feel better. Any other stories of kindness or fun from last night??



    The Harry Potter house sounds awesome. As far as the pumpkin and Halloween decoration vandals – one can only assume that the perps have very, very small wands.



    Sending good vibes to cbof.

    Say, did anyone notice whether this was a big year for princesses? My granddaughters both went as princesses, and so did all their friends.

    Princesses are a thing now, right?

    How worried should we be about that?



    Thanks, guys! Keep ’em coming!



    When I helped out with the candy handout in the junction I saw alot of princesses. I love the princesses.



    Those damn kids on a sugar high!


    I had one of my pumpkins smashed this year, but it had an unexpected happy result:




    That does feel kind of redeeming! Maybe the people who wrecked my stuff don’t even remember doing it. Still sucks, but at least doesn’t feel so personal. :-) Thanks!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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