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    I just reread the do/don’t rules about posting, so I need some clarification. Management (and others) please let me know if some or all of this posting is acceptable

    I have some lovely calendars and photographs for sale The theme is nautical,water and nature – many are of alki beach and Lincoln Park.

    Because of timing, I only participated in one crafts show and they sold nicely. I do not have a website yet either unfortunately. Now my questions

    Would it be acceptable for me to post details to sell these on the blog?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on any where I might sell them.

    Finally I am also open to trading for other crafts or perhaps a massage.

    I can be reached directly at wingedwrenflys@yahoo.com

    thanks. Wren



    wren..maybe write to the editor and ask privately? They don’t always hang here on the forums..




    Wren, are you familiar with Etsy? Joining and setting up an online shop there is free. I think you only pay (very low fee) to post an item and they take a small percentage of transactions. More info here: http://www.etsy.com/sell

    I love browsing and shopping that site for unique items, esp. during the holidays. I’d also love to see your work!



    I second @rebecca‘s suggestion of Etsy. I have a shop that sells vintage homegoods and it’s a fun and supportive community. Let me know if you have any questions about the process–I’m happy to help.



    I also love etsy. I have a small herb shop and it is extremely easy to run and was very easy to set up. It is free to set up a shop, you pay 20 cents for each listing and then they take a small % of your sales. I have also bought many incredible homemade items off of etsy.



    You would probably have more luck on Etsy since we don’t really promote this as a place to sell things, and we try to keep sales to “big discount” whether it’s a private item or a business offering. The major classifications we promote here are job offerings (not job WANTED, job OFFERED) and garage/yard/rummage sales. If someone does try posting a for-sale item, PLEASE do not simply put up a URL to your listing on Craigslist or whatever – that’s not OK – this isn’t a reposting service. Thanks – TR



    Some of the posts people have made re: selling things are things that I think of as “I’d want to check with my neighbors first to see if they could use it, before going out to a bunch of strangers.” Hard to write a rule for that or quantify. But I know them when I see them …



    Hi everyone – thanks for your responses. Yes, ETSY is probably a good way to go. I just thought it would be fun to try to sell some of them locally since it is scenes of Seattle.

    TR – I am not sure who you are and your response still isn’t completely clear for me. I would discount slightly for bloggers and I certainly would not post a URL to craigslist. I have considered craigslist, but am a little leary of meeting perfect strangers to show my photographs.




    I saw Wren’s calendars at the WSUU art show, and they’re really beautiful photos.

    Wren, “TR” is Tracy Record, the WSB co-editor. You can always email her at editor@westseattleblog.com for more clarification.



    If you’re looking to stay local, you should check out EtsyRain. It’s folks who have Etsy shops but live in Seattle. I’m not involved with them, but saw that they had a craft show last month. http://etsyrain.com/

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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