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    I am on the hunt to find a great place to grab a coffee/drink, meet up with others, and have my little guy play for awhile.

    Used to like a place in the junction – but their play area is no longer safe for a toddler :0(

    Looking forward to hearing your recs!



    I think C&P Coffee (south of the Junction) has a play area for kids.


    Chaco Canyon!



    Not in WS, but Twirl Cafe on Queen Anne, think you have to pay for your kidlet to play though.


    HMC Rich

    Sugar Rush used to have a kids area. I haven’t been there in awhile, but it would work.



    Dubsea Coffee has a small play area and excellent coffee.



    Oh, I think Proletariat does coffee in the morning and they have a play area.



    I second the Chaco Canyon recommendation!! Great play area, nice atmosphere. and truly outstanding coffee!



    “Proletariat coffee in the morning” would be the fabulous Caffé Delia, a WSB sponsor. Good peeps and a roomy space.

    I believe they’re open till 2, then closed a while as Proletariat gets ready for the nightly pizza biz. Creative way to fully utilize a business space – TR



    Thanks for posting this question, sassy! I was disappointed that Coffee to a Tea’s renovation ditched all but the train table. I asked a worker, who said it was “getting crazy” which seems like it would be good for business to me…but it sounds like they wanted a change. I’ll check out these suggestions!



    Great Harvest in Junction has a toy box with toddler appropriate toys but not a separate play area. 3.14 bakery in White Center has a play area too. Personally I think Chaco is the best bet because they have clean toys, good coffee, and a little bar area overlooking play area for grownups to sit.



    Went to Sugar Rush over the weekend, not terribly impressed by the supposed “remodel”. Feels the exact same except they moved the cupcake case and took away the toys, which were pretty junky anyway, except the train table. That is still good.

    Does Meander’s have a play area? I haven’t been to the new one yet.

    Also, had pizza at Proletariat a few weeks ago and the kids play area was downright frightfully dirty. I mean, like inches of dirt and grime on everything. We are pretty much “more dirt the better” for our daughter’s immune system, but I would not recommend this as a good, safe space for children.

    Chaco Canyon is lovely with a nice segregated area for kids. Too bad I don’t love vegan food.

    Man I sound like a curmudgeon.



    kgdlg…just talked about this this morning re:Meanders. They don’t have an official “play” area, although there are toys and dressup clothes in the back room.but kids have to be supervised, and sit at their parents tables while eating. There is no strictly coffee area either right now, just food for table service. It gets crazy on weekends there, but weekday mornings around 10am is less busy, and they have child seats. There is no children’s menu, however…



    We are going to check out Chaco Canyon!

    Even though parking is a nightmare in that area, it sounds like it might be worth it.

    Will also head to C&P Coffee.

    I guess I’m a bit dumbfounded that there are not more options out there, with all of the young children in WS.



    Well you can’t “get” a coffee but you can bring a coffee in and put your feet up while your child plays at Messy Play Day!

    Friday mornings – 9am to 10am or 10:30 to 11:30am. 6 week sessions all year round.



    Just had to speak out on behalf of some of those who own and/or work in the food and beverage establishments here in our community with regards to providing play areas for children.

    First of all, I am a mother, grandmother and have a huge family with lots of kids (and counting!)… and I’ve worked in management of a restaurant here.

    What many don’t seem to realize is that the food/beverage business is a very low margin business as it is, the key is butts in seats… as in customers who pay. Children don’t pay. Children make messes that we pay employees $9.18/hr to clean up when they should be serving paying guests and generating revenue. Children don’t respect the diversions we do provide (how do you think those toys got grimey?) and their parents don’t clean up after them. If you sit there and nurse a $5 beverage while visiting with your friends for and hour, well the math just doesn’t add up. Thus some establishments have made their spaces less “kids run wild” friendly.

    I understand the need for mothers of toddlers to have some adult interaction, but you need to realize that these businesses also have customers without young ones they need to consider as well. And when you see they do not have a kids menu, there’s probably a reason for that.

    Of course, there are many parents in our community whose kids are well behaved and stay at their table when out with you. This was just in response to the inquiry for a place kids can “play” while the parent is enjoying a coffee or drink. Brought on flashbacks.


    SKB what restaurant do you manage in West Seattle? Just so I know where I will never be patronizing.



    Not in West Seattle but go check out Vios in Capitol Hill. The best play area for kids!



    SKB for every Monosyllabic Girl who won’t patronize your restaurant, there are many like me who appreciate your post and would be coming in.


    In her scolding, SKB completely missed the point of the OP’s post. OP is seeking out recs for places where kids DO have a separate area away from non child toting patrons. As you can see, places like this are few and far between. Most parents, with the exception of the perpetually oblivious, are aware they aren’t entitled to let junior run hog wild around the establishment. She also let me know that when I’m out with my three year old, my business is not welcome at her establishment. I’m happy to avoid there in the future.


    2 Much Whine

    Why does everyone take posts so personally? I thought SKB did a good job articulating why some restaurants may not offer a child friendly environmeent. Not sure why that response even warranted a response. It is what it is. Some places create their market by offering services that others don’t. If those services bring in people and those people spend enough to allow the place to profit they’ll keep doing it. If they can’t make a go of that businees model they either need to change or cease to exist. I am sure it is usually more of a business decision than one based on emotion.


    S Kepper

    Kids are great. Would you pay an attendant $10 per kid for a drop in visit and limit your stay to 30 minutes? I will have to hire a child care attendant. They will need a secure play area. The toys and distractions will have to be sanitized and cleaned throughout the day. Would you sign a release of liability too? When you spill you hot beverage on your toddler, release me from liability? When they cry or throw a tantrum… would you leave promptly? There is a reason there are no child friendly places…. buy a pound of coffee and serve it at home with your friends… with toddlers. That’s a child friendly environment.



    That’s “scolding”?



    Yeah, I didn’t see that as a scolding either. I just thought it was a sort of answer to posts #10 and #14 that were surprised there were not more places with kid play areas.

    Always good to see the other side of things and reasonings to what might not always be apparent.

    Having a child, I’m always grateful for a kid area but more grateful if there’s a kid menu because I realize that it’s most likely an even smaller profit margin on those items. I recall Circa had a kid burger that was pretty much the same as the adult burger but at about half the price – not sure if that’s the case anymore, though.

    Most kid areas are a little junky anyways because, well, it’s a kid play area. Kids don’t normally clean up after themselves and I’ve rarely seen a parent go through and clean up after their kids (kudos to those that do), so I personally can’t complain too much if a restaurant hasn’t found the time to make it sparkling clean while in the middle of serving customers.

    Although, I wouldn’t eat off the surface in the Proletariat play area, I’m having a hard time believing the claim that there were INCHES of dirt and grime there.



    3.14 bakery in White Center has a play area. :)

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