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    Hi gang. Pamela (“Hammerhead”) has asked me to post some photos. She will explain to you what they are.

    . . . because lord knows, I can’t.



    I was looking for my animals ashes to represent not only their memory but a love of sea life too.

    I found MIke Holberg, he works with animal ashes into glass. I had 5 animals to work with.

    I used to scuba dive locally. I love the kelp beds. I had each seaweed represent of my animals. if you see the vein that is their actual ashes. Hard to see the back ones but the colors are of the color of the animal. The bulbs are again just part of the piece.

    While I had several animals. He does small pieces too. I just didn’t want to throw the ashes into the garden or have them sit on the mantel collecting dust. As you see on my mantel I have my little glass aquarium.


    PS Thanks again DP!!!



    This is beautiful Pamela. What a lovely tribute as well. I have mine sitting on the mantel collecting dust ;) I will look into this!



    what a great way to turn an loved friend’s ashes into a meaningful memorial


    2 Much Whine

    Really cool, Pamela! I’m glad that worked out for you. What a lovely way to remember your “family.”

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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