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    Have you been having trouble receiving e-mails, as far as you know?

    Several I’ve sent to you in probably the past week or so have bounced back. Not as undeliverable, but as “delayed”.

    It states that I do no need to resend.

    The latest one is a reply to the “Merry Christmas” one you sent me.

    So, is there actually an issues, or is the “postmaster” full of it” ;-)

    It’s now a little after 7:00, Christmas morning, and I’ll be going off line again, until who knows when, probably within the next couple of hours or so.

    As I said in the reply, Merry Christmas to you too!


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    I haven’t gotten an email on that account for a week now. I thought maybe you had just decided to ignore me – lol. Try mmfeelgood at gmail dot com :)

    The postmaster is holding my mail for some reason that I can’t figure out..


    Betty T

    Hi Jan

    I don’t know you personally, only met you briefly once but—Merry Christmas and wishing you much better health in the New Year.



    thanks, Betty…that is my goal for the New Year…and..things actually are getting better.

    Merry Christmas to you, too…:)



    funny thing, Mike…I can send email from there, just can’t get it :(. Am working with the people that I got the domain name from..in the meantime, use the other email addy I gave above :)



    Well, Jan, I’m kinda, sorta, occasionally, intermittently, unintentionally, ignoring everybody, until I get my own internet connection, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon/evening. But, not ignoring you personally! ;-)

    Was just now catching up on e-m, and saw where the Merry Christmas e-m from you, that I replied to the other day, came back as undeliverable.

    I think to your goal list for 2013, you need to add meeting Betty face to face, and of course that needs to be on her goal list as well, and I know it’s on mine! :-)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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