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    It’s been many years since I held, ogled and admired a men’s mag in my hands but I now have a need for ONE, I’ve asked my friends but no one has one or wouldn’t admit it.

    It needs to contain many photos of bare-chested women that I can use to pull off the gag-joke I have in mind.

    If anyone has one lying around that they can part with that would be greatly appreciated, you can even hide it in a brown paper bag for delivery.

    We can plan to meet somewhere or you can drop it off at Alki Mail and Dispatch (Admiral & 47th) for anonymity purposes.

    Thanks in advance…



    i so wish i had one to give you

    just for the giggle of it all




    There are places in White Center that sell them.


    So I hear, anyway.

    *shifty look*



    Go see if Westside Barber has a few they’re ready to let go of.



    (Did you try the library? Har har!)

    It amuzes me to think that such modesty as yours could still exist in this jaded old world, sbre. For that alone, I would gladly buy you a brand-new magazine. Or two even. No problem.

    DP_Editor at comcast dot net


    You know, one of these days, anon n’ me are gonna host a special Blog study group on pornography.

    We’ll have to give everyone fair warning on that though. So they can study up.



    Take em to Cheetahs’



    I have been told, but I’ve certainly never confirmed, that there are pictures of “bare-chested women” on the internet. You can simply print the picture out at home and use them for your joke. If you don’t have a printer, I suppose you could print them at the library.



    Swipe one from the bathrooms at the fertility clinic?



    @ Irukandji: That was priceless.

    Sbre…Make a day of it. Put on dark glasses and a big hat; go into to an adult shop in White Center; peruse through their magazine selection;pick the purrfect one for you! Why not! ;0)

    Afterwords you can go to Full Tilt ice cream for dessert (first); stop at Zippys for a to-go burger; and head Big Al’s Brewery to eat it with a cold one! It’s one stop shopping, all in White Center.



    sbre to add to funkietoo’s suggestion, once you…..um…..work off the Ice Cream, Burger, and Beer, you could swing by Meander’s for an early dinner!




    Oh, and, sbre; here’s a dumbass nude pic to tide you over until you can get the mag…..



    @dbp–I thought people read them for the articles? Is that the study group? :)



    OK I want to know the gag! Sadly I parted with all my Hustlers years ago. I used to help a friend of mine proofread his college papers and he would send me strange gifts as a thank you. One of my favorites was a subscription to Hustler magazine… LOL. As a straight lady, I didn’t get much out of it but I remember the comics being pretty good from time to time!



    In response to your responses:

    JoB~Thanks for the thought.

    Datamuse: I really don’t care to spend my money on one and supporting the industry, and the thought of standing in line to purchase it holds about as much appeal as putting on frozen underwear.

    Irukandji: That’s a thought, will use is as a last resort, thank you. To your second post; no way, even though it was (guessing) a joke, thieving is not in my nature.

    DBP: Thanks for your assumption that I am modest (types the guy who used to strip as a side-job in his 20’s, AND still has some pretty damn good moves in his 50’s), and the offer to buy one for me. Count me in on that study group bud.

    Kootchman: No thanks.

    Skeeter: That’s an option I hadn’t thought of, would save a lot of hassle and still work just fine for what I have in mind.

    funkietoo: Great use of your imagination, but not going to happen.

    miws: Mike, where do I start…you’re a sick man and we love you for it. I get what you were insinuating with that photo: a bald, or shaved kitty (tee-hee-hee).

    Cait: I’ll tell in time. The recipient of the joke sometimes reads these posts and I don’t want to give it away. I’ll share the details at a later date.

    Thanks all!!!!



    In that case, I have seen–no foolin’–old copies of Playboy in an antique store in Georgetown.

    That was last year, so I doubt they’re still there, but you never know.

    Amazing what you can find in antique stores, really.



    I get what you were insinuating with that photo: a bald, or shaved kitty (tee-hee-hee)

    OMG! I seriously wasn’t even “going there”! The shaved “kitty” correlation didn’t even cross my mind!

    That obviously means there are some corrupt files in the gutter sector of my brain, causing it to not function properly.

    Time for a reboot!

    Where I was actually coming from with the nekkid kitteh, is that I so often post cat pictures on these Forums, and that along with the nudity theme of the thread, made it seem appropriate in that manner!




    sbre & miws,

    That’s a perfect example of two people seeing the same thing yet seeing two differnt things.

    Personally, I like sbre’s better…PUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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