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    Well, the rainy season is upon us again. I know this changes what the residents of NV want and need. Does anyone have this month’s list?

    Also, are there kids down there? A giving tree type of plan for the winter holidays for the kids?






    Good idea Debbie.

    We’d like to help, so please do share that list!



    Okay, I just posted this question, and a link to this thread, over on the Nickelsville Works FB page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/nickelsvilleworks/

    Thanks everyone!



    Betty T

    When I was there last Saturday there were no really little kids, bigger boys. But that could change before Christmas. Giving Tree is a good idea. Can change from day to day.



    they need water…



    Posted on the Nickelsville Works page on FB, by longtime Nickelodeon TJ:

    Nickelsville Needs

    Blankets, plastic matts, cots, padding, foam must be covered In plastic, being off the ground in winter is important tents are thin and collect watter. Large tarps, rope, visqueen,extra tent poles,twine, its extreemly windy campers must cover homes well.

    Tents 3man or bigger please people are living in them. But not more than 17feet by 10 its to big.. Pallets and more pallets all.the time camp has many uses for them.

    Tools, hand tools to build sheds and cut down stick re rbushes by hand.

    clothing usually there’s more women’s clothes donated then men’s clothes so there is much needed for large mens clothes and as for winter months in being homeless most women will wear mens clothes too. socks there is 150 plus campers and I would wish for socks to come for all of them everyday during the wet months for campers will go through 1to5 Tpairs just to keep there feet dry. and someone don’t have the Sox drive their feet. hats and gloves are always nice.

    small bottles hygiene supplies are great really is deodorant ever brought in, and I know many times wishing for spray smelly body stuff, oh yes and handiwipes To clean the body. the normal hiking supplies is the most anybody would need. toilet paper a large quantities. female supplies, and work boots an mud boots, flashlight and batteries of all sizes, our firewood must be Eco friendly, basic food supplies that you can cook on a campfire hot soups oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, hot dogs are always great simple 1 pan or 1 can things cup a noodle soups in top Rahman, and always welcoming to a prepared meal and know that might be for only 40 people or could be 150+, so that is a good start of things to know about Nickelsville needs, or any homeless person out there.

    you could also get ahold of our camp staff person

    Scott morrow at 206 450 9136 the camp always needs cash donations because all of the bills come up to over 3000 dollars per month we have porta potties ,garbage, and telephone the basic survival needs



    Also, regarding the need of water, and a little bit of etc:

    A pickup, van, or SUV works best for carrying our 5 gallon containers. If you’re interested in bringing water for one or more days a week to camp, please contact our staff person, Scott Morrow, at 206-450-9136.

    By the way, the long term solution is for the City Council to recognize our existence and let us use the city utilities on site! Mid term, we are looking for some irrigation tanks (and trailer.)

    Monetary donations are always needed to pay for our utilities of Honey Buckets, Dumper, and Cell Phone. Our mailing address is PO Box 2548, Seattle WA 98111.

    This weeks other camp donation priorities are:

    33 gallon trash bags toilet paper canned meat batteries, especially AA, AAA and D sizes bleach and dish soap.

    Furthermore, regarding water:

    Volunteers are always welcome to haul smaller amounts of water. You can pick up one of our five gallon containers at the security desk next to the parking lot, fill it at home, and drop it off at Nickelsville.

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