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    Damage to our seawall and erosion up to foundation occurred with King Tides in December. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good engineer to look at my seawall in West Seattle?




    Have you actually used or do you know someone who has used Aspect Consulting?



    I have not used them and that is why I didn’t recommend them. However, I have spoken with the Firm.

    While trying to decide what type of driveway to put in and if my property would be okay for a rain garden, I became aware of the possibility I had “Glacial Till.” After calling around to numerous agencies, I found a website that had geomaps and info on the area. It also had a list of consulting firms and organizations.

    I gave Aspect a call. I explained to them my problem and that I thought I would need to have my property surveyed. The gentleman I spoke with spent a lot of time with me explaining what I was looking at on the maps. He also said that he would not recommend a full sight survey for what I was trying to accomplish. Instead he suggested a cheaper alternative (more in keeping with my meager budget) and said that I was welcome to call back if I had any other questions. I believe the gentleman’s name was Dave McCormick. It has been a while and my notes are not in front of me. I spoke with so many people, but that sounds right.

    As you can see there are many Consulting Firms listed. You can start at the top and work your way down until you find someone you trust. I was just trying to give you a place to start.



    google structural engineer west seattle and call a few firms. with a small job proximity helps keep costs down; but it will still cost some money.



    Hi –

    We used Wiss Janney Elstner Associates for our home, they were great. In fact on the engineers live in WS



    I used Associated Earth Sciences, Inc. over ten years ago for a geotech evaluation in south Puget Sound. They were wonderful to work with and I would strongly recommend them. I just looked them up:

    and the same principals are still leading the firm so they must be doing something right.

    Good luck!



    call don atwood hes an architect in west seattle he uses joe luccia

    they have both done work for me for many many years and are easy to work with.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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