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    Hi- I’m not due until June and will need care in November. I can’t believe how long the wait lists are- 1 to 2 years for some places. I wonder if people get on these lists before they even conceive!?

    Right now the only day care open is Bright Horizons, and while I hear good things about it, is extremely expensive and not really in our budget.

    Any other recommendations? We’re in Admiral but willing to drive. Thank you!



    I’ve heard good things about Adna’s daycare in Highland Park. I know several families who have used her for young infants and she is wonderful. I could not get my daughter in there, but wished I had. Worth calling her.

    Here is a rave from the blog a while back:


    I’ve also heard good things about Little Admiral’s from a fellow coop preschool mom. Not sure if they take infants, but worth checking.

    If you have an EAP at work, they can also help you do a search and you can also enlist Childcare Resources for help. Good luck to you and try not to stress too much. You have time and you will find something great. Sometimes persistence also pays off so be the squeaky wheel by going in person to talk to daycares instead of just calling. i’ve heard others luck out just because they were in right place at right time. Good luck with your baby and the childcare search!



    Is there an email address where someone who is interested might contact you. ?



    I highly recomend Loving Hands Childcare on 11th Ave SW. Shelly Fredrickson is amazing! She is closer to White Center, but worth the drive.



    Have you considered a nanny? Care.com is a great resource.



    Lindsey Luoma at Earth Mother Preschool is lovely and we have a nice relationship with her. She is now specializing in the under 3 crowd. Her number is 714-1377

    And Belle Mente has the lovliest baby room, you can call Lauren at 935-4147

    And lastly Marji’s house on 35th has had a good reputation for many years. Her number is 932-2339

    And if they have no room ask them for refferals, a lot of the providers know each other.



    Oh and if you are interested in a nanny I know the 2 supervisors for Cultural Care Aupair, you can call Kathleen Lonergan at 206 979-7014 you do have to have a place for them to live and it’s usually a one year contract but I have known several of the aupairs and they have been super.



    Are you still on the childcare hunt?! If so let me know and I can forward you my info. I have a great daycare and tons of amazing references. Thanks! (and congrats!) Jesse Sears 978 689 5406



    I would like to second the recommendation for Adna’s Home Daycare in Highland Park, near SSCC. It has been a wonderful experience for my son. The environment is loving, nurturing, and stimulating. Adna and her sister, Zamina, have a true gift for taking care of babies and toddlers. My son is almost 4 years old now, and he will really miss going to Adna’s next year when he starts at the Community School Preschool.

    Her number is 206-764-9527.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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