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    Anybody know of anyone worth recommending?

    Thanks in advance, and Happy 2013!!!



    not really, sbre. we’ve stuck with fox for yearly inspection of our buderus boiler, because they’re affordable and they toss out coupons pretty regularly. mike blake is their boiler tech, and he’s pretty knowledgeable.

    brennan and greenwood heating and air also do boilers.

    i could give you the name of the guy who installed ours, because he works pretty cheaply, but i can’t give him a glowing recommendation. i had to vent the boiler through the chimney myself and his pipe welder left a huge mess.

    so what’s the trouble?



    We’ve used Greenwood before.



    Brennen ain’t cheap but they know hydronics, work fast and have their own electricians.



    ken, sbre, or anyone else who wants to talk about boilers:

    what’s your heat source?

    i became a huge fan and somewhat of an aficionado of boiler heat – once i owned it and figured out how it works.

    and now i love to talk about it. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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