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    My dog needs a vet. I’d love to hear of any that are fabulous or those to avoid. West Seattle would be great, but if there is a fabulous recommendation elsewhere, I’ll venture off the island.



    I adore Dr. Meredith at West Seattle Animal Hospital in the Junction area. He’s smart, engaging, and wonderful to work with. He doesn’t overprescribe medications or urge expensive treatments. He’s helped me really keep costs down so that my pets can receive his excellent care. One of the best vets I’ve ever worked with.



    We’ve worked with several of the vets at WS Animal Hospital. They’re all good, and so is the rest of the staff.


    I got great, low-cost vet care at Aurora Veterinary Clinic. It was so good, I’ll still go there even though I live back in West Seattle now.



    The Pet Care Center on Avalon is where I take my pets. They are very good and have reasonable prices.



    South Seattle Vet again 242-8338.



    I quit VCA on California in favor of South Seattle Vet. I took two dogs in today for dental cleaning and (for the one with dog herpes), medication. Dogs were dentaled, meds provided, 30lbs of food and topical ointment for Harold O’Herpes all for less that HALF of the lowest quote for dental alone by VCA.

    VCA provided good care, I like the team there, but not the corporate model and pricing. South Seattle Vet is a little like walking into Harborview ED on a Friday evening, but the care was friendly, competent, affordable and the doc I saw was a great communicator. Worth the drive.



    Lien Animal Clinic is my absolute 1st choice. My furry ones have seen most of the vets there over many years now. Wonderful staff! Dr. DeYoungen has been the primary vet my crew (past and present) have seen – I trust his opinion completely.

    I’ve worked with VCA and South Seattle Vet on foster pets. Both clinics provided quality care and all are well worth checking out to find the one you are most comfortable with.



    We use the vets at Burien Vet Clinic off Ambaum. All female vets now, down to earth with great staff and reasonable prices. I find that it sometimes pays to go south of the city limits just a little and we find good deals on a lot of things in Burien.



    I am really impressed with Dr. Roxane Jackson at Highline Veterinary Hospital, off 1st Ave S in Burien. She was recommended to me by a coworker. Wonderful staff and a very compassionate vet.



    I’ve taken my cat to Greentree on California for both a regular check-up, and for help sorting through a behavior problem. I’m happy with our treatment there so far – caring, honest, and realistic, as in I feel listened to, respected, and not overcharged. I’ll take my kitty back there whenever I need to.


    lucky chick

    Another vote for Lien. Drs. Duyungen (I believe that is closer to the actual spelling), Fritzler, and Kraabel are the best I’ve seen. I can’t say I’ve compared prices. I decided a while ago that pets are expensive to care for and if I want them, I have to accept that. That said, I doubt Lien is more expensive than average, and they certainly help me keep costs down by discouraging unneeded work.



    My vote’s with Lien. Been taking pets there for 20+ years and never had a bad experience, either with care or billing.



    Another vote for Lien. In addition to top-notch care, the entire staff is very friendly as well. Last time I brought my dog in, I had about 5 different staff members stop by the room just to say hi when they heard he was there. Who knew my dog had such a fan club? :)



    I would avoid Pet Care Center on Avalon. I took my cat there, she was drinking water nonstop, losing weight, and I was going through 20 pounds of kitty litter every two weeks with her.

    I knew it was a kidney issue, but the vet acted absolutely clueless, like he had never seen anything like it before, and gave me the runaround about how it could be ANYTHING. So, after the $200 blood test, the office visit fees, and my bill approaching $300, he told me he could find nothing wrong with my cat.

    I buried my cat yesterday.



    Just wanted to mention that Petco has a clinic for Bordatella, etc. Schedule/locations vary. Have not tried yet but it can avoid an office visit charge, if not needed. I got burned by my vet requiring an annual exam for each dog to get bordatella because they hadn’t been examined in over a year. But they are very healthy — i would take them if there was any problem of course.



    South Seattle Vet.



    South Seattle Vet Hospital.



    Another vote for Lien. They have seen several of my cats through a variety of procedures and illnesses, always kind and thoughtful and mindful of cost, good communication, and great about doing research and knowing good specialists when needed. All the vets there are great.



    JudyB, I’m so sorry for your experience and your loss. :(

    I also love Lien. I used to see Dr. Kraabel there, but now see Dr. Duyungan. (No problems with Kraabel – I liked him a lot – it just was hard to schedule with him sometimes.) Dr. Duyungan was very easy to talk with and really listened to us, and was very honest about the potential outcome of certain tests, and how they might not tell us much. (It was a complicated issue.) I can’t say whether they’re expensive or inexpensive or not, but I’ve been really happy with the care we’ve received there.



    I thought I’d found a great place for my cats at West Seattle Animal Hospital but that was before my main cat crashed. It as early Saturday and the vet didn’t have time to see him. I took him elsewhere, got some treatment and tried again Sunday. Still no time to see him. Apparently they’ve got a very busy schedule and if your pet is going to get deathly ill you should book time well in advance. They are also quite expensive. Since when does an x-ray cost $200? x-ray technology is old and cheap to implement.



    dhg, I had exactly the same experience not too long ago. The doctors were caring in the end. Literally. My kitty died, and the “what if’s” still run through my mind continually. Can’t say it’s all their fault, but I do think more could have been done, and sooner – before it was too late. I love a couple of the docs, but in my experience the staff communicates poorly.

    JudyB, I share your pain.



    Yep. My cat had dka and it might be for the best that he died when he did but I was running a marathon of vet alternatives, trying to help him before the money ran out.



    South Seattle Vet was amazing for my family when my dog got sick. My dog was old and his health suddenly when downhill and it was really impacting me a lot. I can’t remember the name of the vet that was taking care of him but he was so kind. We were able to bring in my dog around 3am when he was coughing up blood one night. After he passed away the vet would check up on us and see how we were doing and let us know how great our dog was. It was really kind and meant so much to me. Highly recommended.



    I recommend, without any hesitation, Lien Animal Clinic. They’ve taken care of two of our dogs from beginning to the end (and all the chaos in between), and now help us with #3 and #4. They’re responsive, professional, caring, and cost effective. By cost effective, I mean to say they may not be the cheapest in West Seattle, but you certainly get what you pay for and I’ve never felt that they have tried to over-bill me, or do unnecessary procedures. When one of our dogs had to have surgery while on vacation, Lien’s removed the sutures for free because that’s how they charge for their own procedures (I protested, but they insisted).

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