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    Tonight the West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice will celebrate 10 years of protesting war. Although the group has been a total failure at stopping wars, we have had some success at reminding trendy West Seattle shoppers of the fact that war rages on, thanks to their tax dollars and their apathy.

    There’s a war going on right now, as a matter of fact. In a place called Afghanistan, just 6749.6 miles to the west of here.

    (We’re losing.)




    Hup hup! See you in another 10.

    Carry on, yuppies!



    What a small, hateful person. Maybe you should put your efforts toward something you’re not completely ineffective at, assuming such a thing exists. Keep on hating your neighbors though, I’m sure that’s working just great.




    blaming wars on citizen apathy is one way to avoid looking at the very real causes of war….

    the almighty pursuit of the American dollar.

    war is a very profitable business



    “…War can’t give life, it can only take it away…”



    Does it help the anti-war movement to hate on people who actually agree with you, or does it just make you feel superior? By your own admission, your efforts have been a total failure, except for rubbing “yuppies” noses in it. (I assume by “yuppies” you mean all of us poor slobs who buy groceries and occasionally shop or have lunch at one of our local Junction businesses). Your rant reads as if you’re really just blaming others and projecting your own feelings of impotence onto them. When you come up with a real plan to end war, do let us know.



    “”…War can’t give life, it can only take it away…””

    FDR and a few million jews may have an issue with that statement.




    I am probably one of those yuppies you talk about here. I am anti war and I shop in the junction with my two year old and return to my warm house when done. (which I guess is lazy since I am not standing in the rain with you.) Since by your own admission this has been a failing tactic, what do you seriously suggest that people like myself do to stop these wars, besides voting for candidates that oppose them?

    For me, part of the issue is how helpless I feel to do anything about it. Are there events you would like all of us yuppies to come to? Offending us all should definitely help with your numbers!!!



    While looking for the actual numbers for Smitty’s post I came upon this website. I think I will take some time and read through it.


    For Smitty from this site:

    20,946,000 Victims:

    Nazi Germany

    1933 To 1945*

    By R.J. Rummel

    By genocide, the murder of hostages, reprisal raids, forced labor, “euthanasia,” starvation, exposure, medical experiments, and terror bombing, and in the concentration and death camps, the Nazis murdered from 15,003,000 to 31,595,000 people, most likely 20,946,000 men, women, handicapped, aged, sick, prisoners of war, forced laborers, camp inmates, critics, homosexuals, Jews, Slavs, Serbs, Germans, Czechs, Italians, Poles, French, Ukrainians, and many others. Among them 1,000,000 were children under eighteen years of age.1 And none of these monstrous figures even include civilian and military combat or war-deaths.


    To kdglg and others.

    Many of us share your heart felt desire to do something about the virtual non-stop war and conflicts that keep showing up around the world.

    I would like to offer an approach that seems to be having an effect although it may not be obvious from watching the news today.

    This problem can be approached on many different levels. The level that we are familiar with is characterized by either using more force, i.e. the bigger stick theory or by using less force, e.g. civil disobedience, treaties and protests. Neither tactic has resulted in extended periods or areas of peace and harmony.

    However about 50 years, a new technology of consciousness came out of India that offers hope for the world. It is a simple mental technique called Transcendental Meditation. Literally millions of people have learned TM because it is easy to learn, enjoyable to practice and it really changes our mental functioning, our health and our behavior.

    We have a boatload of anecdotal evidence substantiated by rock solid research that indicates that it makes a significant difference for those who practice it.

    What promise might this have for society and the world in general? It turns out that we don’t need everyone on the planet to be “OMing” for it to have an impact on a broad scale. Several studies have shown that when only about 1% of a population is practicing TM that several societal indicators change: hospital admissions, crime and accidents trend down and economies improve.

    Unbelievable or impossible you say? Let me return to the idea of levels. We know that life is structured on many levels. There is the level of the senses, i.e. everything we can see, touch and smell. Beneath this is the molecular level and going more microscopic, we have the atomic and subatomic levels of life. We also understand that the deeper we go into the levels of creation; there exists more potential power and energy, e.g. the atomic bomb.

    When we practice TM, we systematically and effortlessly take our awareness to the level of pure consciousness. We are awake and alert but not conscious of any thing. The scientists, who have observed and recorded this phenomenon, have postulated that it is the same level of life that is theorized as the basic level of life in the universe, the Unified Field. The Unified Field as I understand it is that level from which all life springs. Nothing exists there in form but it is the ground state of pure possibility and potentiality.

    During TM we innocently experience this ground state of consciousness and that seems to simultaneously benefit the meditator and his/her environment in a measurable way.

    Our organization has been dedicated to offering this time-tested practice for unfolding the full potential of the individual and as well as a viable means for realizing the greatest goal for humankind.

    If you would like to investigate this for your own well being, release of stress, etc. and/or you’d like to start making a significant contribution to creating a peace loving planet, look for one of my future presentations on the events calendar of the blog.



    I agree with DBP that my complacency allows unspeakable crimes to occur in my name and with my tax dollars. I think we could talk about what might be effective for us to do that allows us to make change while living with the reality of our personal circumstances (things we have to do each day to stay afloat). I was heartened by Occupy — and they were dedicated to change but received only bad press. People extraneous to the movement dragged them down.

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