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    was walking around the point by Colman Pool in Lincoln Park the other day and I see this giant excavator removing my favorite ancient stump off the beach. They loaded it on a big flat bed trailer and hauled it away! That stump drifted to that spot a half a dozen years ago in a great storm and that’s where the sea gods left it. Guess where it is now? Yesterday I see it sitting down on Alki Beach high and dry up in the sand. What the f**&!! And to make my tail puff up more they left a big mess behind in the grass and on the walkway where everyone walks and still have’nt cleaned it up. I bet that cost a lot of money. There is a broken up sea wall falling apart around the point. Sure seems a better idea to put our money into fixing that. What a waste.



    Thanks for an insight into something I’ve been trying to find out more about. We have had separate reports about the tree materializing on Alki, and about the tracks left by Colman Pool, and until your post I didn’t know they were related. Gives me a clear query for Parks tomorrow. P.S. I have heard that crews HAVE been working on the sea wall – and have received a link to photos. Is that not the case? – TR



    Do you mean the stump by the trail junction just north of the pool where people leave “Love” messages written in sticks? I would encourage people to write to Parks and voice your opinion. Otherwise, they’ll think we don’t mind when they do stuff like this, and who knows what they’ll do next.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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