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    Another driver to watch out for .. Older gentleman who cut across the gore point/tried to merge early at the Spokane Street Viaduct/I-5 North on ramp. I was coming up from Spokane street this morning and was in the lane that continues to I-5 north. The man driving the Jeep, and several vehicles in front of him, were merging into the northbound lane. This is all well and good but the lane they are in has to yield to traffic which is in the lane they want to be in, correct? I know this merge area is tight but the gore point is clearly marked and this Jeep and other vehicles were cutting across it. Not only is it illegal but it’s dangerous.. if someone is coming up the ramp from the below Spokane street, cars on the viaduct can’t see what is coming and could, in their attempt to get left, run into an accident.

    Anyway, the vehicle had a Lithia plate frame and exited I-5 north at Dearborn/Madison/James ST. If you know of this person, maybe it’s time to take away the keys or at least have them brush up on the basic rules of the road.

    He shook his finger at me which is kind of funny now but I hate that, when someone is in the wrong and they engage in hand gestures as if they were the one slighted. Don’t engage in hand gestures unless you want to escalte the situation, especially if you are in the wrong or could be in the wrong.

    I couldn’t find the RCW statute but a google search of gore point Washington comes up with a lot of results. Here’s one from komo which did a story on why it is illegal to cross the gore point.

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