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    I’ve posted this question, at least twice, on a couple different threads, but have gotten no response, (unless it’s buried in one of your wordy responses) so perhaps you missed it:

    Why did you not vote for the War Hero Candidate in 2008?




    sorry I had you on ignore… the dumbass pictures get tiresome. Because I voted for Obama. He is a bit too itchy on the trigger finger.



    Thank you for your response.

    *resisting urge to post dumbass picture….*




    i like the dumb ass pictures..

    as long as there is no repetitive movement

    that’s hard on the eyes..


    HMC Rich

    Hey Kootch. Why did you vote for Obama four years ago?

    Years ago I actually voted for Jimmy Carter. I was young and let my parents persuade me. I have only made one mistake since. I believed the hype about Clinton. Thank God for Gingrich and the ’94 election.

    A conservative Democrat is still a liberal. A moderate Republican is still partially progressive. A conservative is what I like and choose to vote for when I can.



    But, Rich, what is your opinion on the dumb ass pictures?




    Mike…love the dumbass pictures…keep ’em coming. Sometimes we need a bit of humor and lightness in our lives.

    Rich, Kootch. I wish that there were no labels, and we judged and voted on merits alone. And honesty. To just dismiss because the candidate is not conservative, or “progressive” (god, I hate that term) without taking them on their merits, what they have actually done, doesn’t work for me. You could get rid of the voting pamphlet, or get it down to one page, if all we voted on was a label.




    you’ve got a democrat so moderate that he would have been labeled republican when your idol Ronnie was in the White House..

    and you still aren’t happy.

    this should make you joyous Rich… democrats governing like republicans…

    yet you are pushing for more of the failed policies that dumped the financial health of the majority of our citizens in the sewer but has been very very good to the nation’s wealthy…

    all because they wrap themselves in “conservative” political speech.

    How can you know what they stand for when they say what they think it takes to get elected and refuse to stand on their own records?

    it’s time citizens stopped buying into the two party dichotomy that big money is selling and started thinking for themselves.

    ideology isn’t what matters most Rich.

    Progress is.



    Okay, back by semi-popular demand…..

    Sorry, kootch….

    (Not really) ;-P




    Well HMCRich.. I am, all for a good vengeance and reprisal strike. I like the notion that the military is a last resort. When diplomacy fails and all that. See the iconic pictures of the “highway of death” coming out of Kuwait? (George the Elder?) BTW… we sent a bill to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait… and we got paid for it.

    The Highway of Death

    This is the calling card should we have to go visiting. Once we have created a rubble pile, we should leave it as we left it. No nation building adventures. Smoking rubble. Mccain has too much adventure and occupy in his politics.

    Yes JoB … it is long past due that citizens started thinking for themselves…. and doing for themselves. Just had a “chat” with a friendly sorta guy.. lost his “great” paying job four years ago.. sporadic, low paying, inconsistant work…. so… I asked, this has been your lot and life for FOUR years… what have you DONE about it? Go back to school for critical skills? No. Change career paths to an in-demand occupation? No. Just flitted from one social benefit to another… at age 31, he waits for a miracle, something from government to “save him”…. meanwhile two young women, both have returned to school… one to get teaching certification, the other to get her RN degree… on service worker wages they made proactive choices. See the difference? Two will make progress in their life, the other will seek an Obama, Gregoire, McDermott to show up.. and remain a core of the Democrat constituency forever. Oh yes, and blame “the world” of injustice for his lack of motivation. Welcome to low wage, marginal existence living. Does it take a Phd in Physics? No… there are critical job shortages around this country… for $3,000 you can get your CDL.. and with some work ethics… knock down 60-110,000 K a year.. AND get reimbursed for the course.



    My kid brother retired at 54… took an $1200 insurance adjuster course…. makes $500-700 day with per diem for meals and hotel.. when natural disasters hit .. hurricanes, tornados, works 100 days a year and lives in Argentina 6 months out of the year… sitting in Dallas right now, courtesy of Allstate, getting ready to start pushing paper for Sandy… parttime work.

    There is money out there and jobs. little ambition, little effort, .. or you can wait, and wait, and wait… for Uncle Sugar.




    “meanwhile two young women, both have returned to school… one to get teaching certification, the other to get her RN degree… on service worker wages”

    tell me kootch.. did those women have good paying jobs before they went back to school?

    and will the jobs they are retraining for pay a living wage? and.. how much debt are they taking on to be trained for those jobs?

    and the young man.. what kind of job did he have before losing it? And was he the kind of guy who could do well in a service job where he would need to please people or did you just paint him as a lump to make your point?



    Barristas..both of them, minimum wage and tipss and they are still pulling the latte jet while they go to school ..go figure. The teacher certification program is being paid for. The nursing course is through UW… He was an interior designer. Look, if you want work and want to make a living… it’s out there. Yea. RN’s and teachers make living wages. And who cares if it isn’t the dream job? .. bang down 60 grand FIRST.. then selectively look for your dream job. He’s waiting, passively, for a job to return than may never appear. But, he can afford to be passive… he’s got those ambition killing, subsistance benefits that let him hang in there… waiting, waiting, waiting.. and convinced the 1% are at fault.

    You speak of “doing your fair share”.. well the shoes fit both feet… doing your fair share also means taking some proactive steps. And why wouldn’t you take on debt for a better outcome? Business does it all the time… I carried a massive, high six figure debt… to get started. I beat a path to the bank for ten years, until I didn’t need them anymore… If you won’t invest in yourself.. why should anyone else?

    Those are teamster jobs… so.. you drive a rig for a year or two? It won’t kill you. I have a nephew right now, knocking down 110K a year driving water tankers to the oil fields. Two years and he has every dime he will ever need to pay for his civil engineering degree… AND because he works for big oil…. they will pay his tuition. They will invest in him because the boy has a work ethic and is a proven go-getter…. Your volcanologist? Get behind an 18 wheeler..do the giddy-up go for a couple of years, pay off that debt… and maybe… just maybe… the realization may strike that a geological engineering degree which has a starting pay scale in the 110-120K range might be a better choice. Want a list of MDU job openings for geological science majors to do asset survey work? Evaluating the economic potential of lands for mineral and oil leases? They are looking..problem is they will end up hiring someone with the first name of Chandra, or Depak, or Deleep.



    HMC… I was disgusted with the erosion of civil liberties, the Pariot Act.. the lack of tansparency, the collusions, the candidate Obama who called 7 trillion deficits “unpatriotic”… the bring us all together guy… the “I will not sign earmark laden pork spending”…candidate, the stop the Afghan War… which he doubled down on… the candidate that would be president of “all America”… he was full of pure BS. He turned hard left and will go farther .. thank god congress will still be able to hold him in check….




    I truly hope those barristas are studying for careers that make their heart’s sing..

    because their wages aren’t going to leave them anything to invest for their futures with guys like you calling the political shots.

    I hope you didn’t break their hearts by telling them how you view their unionized service professions….

    and if that nephew of yours is pulling down 110K a year driving trucks in the oil fields.. he’s most likely unionized too.

    I am all in favor of people with a plan. The vulcanologist you had such a good time demeaning.. he had a plan too and it was going really well till someone decided we didn’t really need so many scientists.

    the vulcanologist had a wife and kids when he lost his job..

    not a good candidate for the oil fields…

    he needed the health insurance that came with his retail job and the flexibility to schedule his time to accommodate childcare so his teacher wife could keep her job when they went from a professional salary supporting her vocation to her vocation supporting them.

    That particular scientist also had 15 years experience analyzing volcanoes …

    until a short term thinker decided we didn’t need to study them so much any more..

    Bush Jr wasn’t into science

    they won’t blow in our lifetime… will they?

    we have machines monitoring them..

    why would we need living breathing scientists who feel their heartbeat anyway?

    short term planning for long term benefits seldom pays off.

    Setting research on the volcanoes in our midst back a decade or two isn’t likely to pay off in the long run…

    and it could be a real disaster in the short run

    Bush Jr got lucky and another one didn’t blow on his watch… but they are still there.

    You do a lot of short term thinking kootch…

    when you couple that with a tendency towards snap judgments and a lack of understanding of the realities of life for most people

    you get someone who thinks the bottom line is more important than the people who create it

    and he blames victims for being swindled

    when you only listen to that which agrees with your picture of the world…

    you don’t see much.



    “and will go farther…thank god congress will still be able to hold him in check…”

    Sounds like somebody around here is starting to embrace reality.


    2 Much Whine

    I prefer humorous pictures over copy and paste diatribes from conservative websites any day. I’ll look at the pictures but no longer bother reading the tired, old drivel.



    NO, I checked… he’s working for a non-union shop. Se what happens when economies grow? Wages rise. Yea job… I imagine so, but there is a critical shortage of geologists … in the private sector and I imagine most of the course and field work he did.is a close cousin JoB there can hundreds of valid reasons to not do something… and he made the one that fit his circumstances as he/she saw them. No one is ever going to shielded from having to make choices and make risks. The market needs geoengineers and has the resources to pay for them.



    Well, it is true that those who do well do so by doing for themselves. Early on, I realized that being class valedictorian wasn’t a reasonable objective, for me. It was far easier, not to mention less boring, to take advantage of a good memory and a little charisma to make money.

    So, for nearly 30 years, I had people accepting the notion that I was a software engineer, though I had neither the training nor the talent. I did what I referred to then and refer to now as “parlor tricks” every few months to impress the rubes and stave off criticism from those who knew I was a fraud.

    To go the full BS route, I should have gone into sales. Then I could have made some real money. I used to help those guys make big commissions.

    I have explained a major reason I could do well by doing little – I play the game of life at the lowest difficulty setting. Even today, old and fat as I am, the method still has efficacy.

    So there you have it, my success is much like that of the Wizard Of Oz – if I have to flee the Emerald City, what of it? Zanesville can’t be far off by balloon.

    Go to school to get some certification – now there’s a sales opportunity.



    However you get there. But you have to get there, on your little steam engine.



    kotch.. my man

    “NO, I checked… he’s working for a non-union shop. Se what happens when economies grow? Wages rise”

    i believe you just admitted that the economy is growing ;->

    oh my.. will wonders never cease?

    it’s going to be fun to watch you backpedal out of that one.




    you old fraud you ;->



    Oil and gas are…. over the obstructions of Obama … yes the energy sector is growing…. on private land with private capital… see how the Obama energy plan is playing out in E Ohio and W PA…. not good. Now, if he would just get the hell out of they way, the rest of the economy can expand. Fact, I am betting killing off Obamacare and extending the tax cuts will light a fire…



    What a joke…gas prices go up, Obama’s fault-gas prices go down, it’s in spite of Obama- economy bad, Obama’s fault-economy gets better, it’s in spite of Obama- four more years of whining coming up.



    Gas prices weren’t in the topic… jobs are … 4 million jobs if we expand our energy production. he economy is right where it was when he took office… unemployment is 1/;’10 point higher, insurance costs are higher, 23 million unemployed, food prices are higher, we’ve treaded water long enough.



    “…yes the energy sector is growing….

    Energy=Gas prices

    If you don’t want to discuss the subject, change it. A well known con (as in con man) technique.

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