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    Thinking of remodeling my kitchen. Its about 14×16. Want to replace all cabinets, counter tops, move a wall or two. I realize this is a completely vague question, but what have others encountered in terms of cost and time for a fairly extensive kitchen remodel (excluding appliances)?


    I’m trying to mentally prepare myself…



    Just had a GC out to ballpark almost the very same question for us. If you are talking about decent materials (no IKEA cabinets, p lam counters or vinyl flooring – sorry but those are all lower end materials) I think you are easily talking about 20k or more. Especially if moving walls.



    Depending on what materials you are looking at for counters, floors and cabinets plus appliance replacement and whether or not the walls are load bearing or not I would say you are looking at 30- 50K easily. The best thing to do is look around and identify cabinets, materials, finishes, appliances you like and identify what you want done with respect to space changes and then contact local contractors to get bids so you are comparing apples to apples. Good luck with your project!



    I do kitchen remodels all the time. Probably the largest single expense is the cabinets, followed by the countertops, then flooring.

    Do your homework and shop around. The more planning you do the less stressful the experience will be. Plan on a month or so if you are moving walls.



    Ventana Construction holds free informational sessions on remodeling questions. They’re a WSB sponsor, so click their ad to the right and see if they have one coming up. They can probably help you ballpark it based on what you have in mind.



    as low as 20K but can easily reach 80k or more depending on finishing materials.



    We just remodeled two years ago and we ended up being our own “GC”. It was a bit more stressful, but we saved a lot of money in the end by doing some work ourselves and hiring a handyman to help us with things like drywall repair. We took a wall out, had new custom cabinets installed, new floors, counters, recessed lighting and a wall removed and we spent about $21k total. We did not make any major plumbing or layout changes (and are still using our 18 year old fridge) and that helped keep costs down. Our biggest expense was the cabinetry and that was about half the cost of the total remodel. We needed custom cabinet work because we did a big complicated island as well as some built ins. The cabinets are gorgeous though and we believe they were worth every penny. Do not buy low end cabinetry if you can avoid it. You will regret it. We also splurged on nice soapstone counters and are very happy with them. When remodeling there are areas you can skimp and areas you can save. Those are two places where i believe your dollar makes sense long term, especially if you plan to live in the house for a while. We feel like we got a 40k remodel for 20k so it is possible to save money and keep costs down. Ask around for referrals and talk to a lot of people. Have a clear vision of what you want and shop around for contractors and materials. Those things all made a difference for us and we are very happy. We don’t regret a cent of the money we spent because it has made our house so much more enjoyable. Good luck.



    I would agree with jwws on this, but it really depends, i think, on two things: how much effort you want to put in, and what kind of taste you have. For the first part, there is a big variance on how involved you can be – from hiring a GC who will be on site while subs are there and handling all of the permitting, buying the materials, scheduling, etc, to you hire a guy who can do most of the work and you supply him with the materials, and maybe do some work yourself. Then your taste enters the picture. Cabinets are all over the map and you can drop a lot of cash here, same with appliances. I just finished a remodel, which didn’t involve moving walls but did involve rewiring the whole house. i would be happy to talk with you about my experiences – lessons learned, etc. you can reach me at

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