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    HMC Rich

    I am so sad for the families and the children who are pawns in the Russian/U.S. political argument.

    Here is a good article detailing why this happened.,0,5556921.story

    I adopted my wonderful son from Russia. He is getting care that is not available in that country. He has a chance to live a more productive life because he is here.

    Many of those children, including ours, have physical or psychological issues. We are not immune to those problems. It has been difficult, but worth it every time he says “Daddy, I Love You.

    If there are any West Seattle families that were going to adopt from Russia, and now can’t, please keep trying. Just know that there will probably be some extra baggage or issues. But that happens with many foster or adopted kids wherever they come from. We have many choices in getting help in this area. Thank Goodness.

    For you new parents, you must hold, talk, and love your little ones as much as you can. My son did not have that for 17 months and it still affects him. But there is always hope and plenty of help in this area.

    I really dislike Putin. Russia has a lot of problems. About 1,000 kids are adopted by U.S. residents each year. Russians get first choice at adopting Russian kids. They have nine months before the children can be adopted by non-Russians. The orphanages vary in care. Our son came from a decent baby home, but was slightly undernourished. Just the cost of diapers for those places has to be immense.

    Unfortunately there have been a couple of mistakes made by some adoptive parents. To say some of these kids are broken is understatement. It is sad to know that a couple of children that were adopted have died in the care of Americans. The Russians fan the flames with their own people because of those tragedies.

    Russians look at children as gifts. They overcompensate in some ways when dealing with children one on one. Strangers and Babushkas will cuss you out if they think you are not taking or treating a child right in their view. But they don’t fund their orphanage system well enough either. They don’t adopt domestically like many other countries do. They could do much better.

    I hope our governments can work this out.



    Well said HMC Rich, very well said!



    I hope this gets worked out as well. It is a shame.



    Just want to point out that Rich has his own blog devoted to his adoption saga. It’s called “The Diaper Monologues.” Cute, huh?

    I discovered Rich’s blog by clicking on his Member Profile, so I’m pretty sure this is not a SECRET blog that he doesn’t want anyone here to know about. Here’s the Web address:


    Rich, are you taking questions from the audience at this time?


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